The Ancient Magus Bride – Volume 7

Ancient Magus' Bride Vol. 7, The: lullaby, and good night (The Ancient Magus'  Bride): Yamazaki, Kore: 9781626924994: Books
This volume’s cover art, are they looking at the train coming up?

I know that it’s been a little while since we last did one of these, but I finally got the chance to sit down and read volume 7 of The Ancient Magus Bride. In the meantime I did manage to catch up on some other series I was a little bit behind on, namely Made in Abyss and Eden’s Zero, so I didn’t spend the past few weeks without any reading, but this was put to the side for a little while. Now then, let’s get to it.

Let’s start with the cover. I believe I’ve talked about every cover so far, so let’s keep that consistency going shall we? We see the gang at a train station. Is this hinting at them leaving for somewhere? There’s also a rabbit with goggles, so that’s neat. On the back we see Renfred, Alice and Cartaphilus. I guess they’ll be relevant again this volume.
Elias is still having a tantrum and hurting Chise while doing so. Luckily for Chise, the spirit of winter helps her out a little bit and together with her and Ruth they manage to calm down Elias. I love how a lot of the spirits have a selfish side to them. I wonder if the spirit would have helped if not for the gifts given.
The chapter then ends with Cartaphilus stealing two dragons. This can’t be good.

After Chise brings a tired Elias home she sings him a lullaby before he goes to sleep. Unfortunately, Chise, as she should realize by now, is magic. So she accidentally laces the lullaby with magic, putting Elias to sleep for a long time. She’s now going to talk to Angie to see if she can help her fix this. Luckily Angie has some ideas and goes to work while Chise catches up with Angie’s husband, David. He gives us the perspective from a mortal, who will die long before his wife and daughter. He tells us he thinks it’ll be lonely, and I agree. If you want to date someone who will die long before you, that’s something you’d have to seriously consider and steel yourself for. David tells Chise that they both should avoid dying early, and I agree with the sentiment. Chise then hurries back to wake up Elias.

The next scene has Renfred and some of his alchemist friends having some drinks when they’re informed by Merituuli, Lindel’s familiar, that there is trouble. We then jump back to Cartaphilus being in pain. We then jump back to Chise waking up inside a dream and meeting Cartaphilus. There’s a lot happening here, but Cartaphilus insinuates that Chise has died. They talk for a little bit and he gets continuously more and more confused by his lack of memory. He then reveals his name is Josef and asks Chise to save him, before shunting her out of his dream.
When she wakes up she learns that it’s been two days and trouble is afoot. All of the alchemists from before, Renfred, Alice, Adolf and Torrey are all at their house. This can’t be good.
When they ask for help, Elias initially refuses, and he’s right. Chise’s condition isn’t good and it’s not their responsibility. But Chise stands up for herself, showing even more character growth and tells him that he didn’t worry about that before, and now he suddenly does. Thus Elias capitulates and they help the alchemists.

Chise makes a quick phone call and finds out that one of the dragons is sold at the auction soon. They all gather up and go to the auction, where Chise catches up with the man who helped sell her. That’s a weird sentence to write. Regardless, Cartaphilus or Josef used a proxy, so they have no eyes on him, but there is one dragon here, so that’s good news.
Renfred and Elias talk about Chise, and how Elias is dealing with the invites to the college. It’s been hinted at for a while that that is where the story might go, Chise visiting the college, but Elias is not a fan. We’ll see what comes from it in the long haul thought.
Then the main narrative arc of the volume goes into full drive with the auction. Chise is approached by a mysterious woman who wants to help her if she provides a liter of dragon blood. That doesn’t seem like a terrible deal to me, but what do I know. As the auction goes on, the dragon ends up going berserk, getting out of it’s bind. In a desperate attempt to fix the situation, Elias and Chise get on the back of the poor dragon, who is confused and in pain. Elias gets thrown off violently and Chise decides to use her full power to calm the dragon down. The last panel shows her in dire straits.

All in all this was once again a very good volume, although it felt almost like a novel at times. There was a lot of exposition, and one of the beauties of manga is how it can sometimes convey a lot of information without using a lot of words. I’m curious to see how Chise will get out of this predicament as her arm seemed to have grown into something weird at the end. Seeing as there’s at least 8 more volumes to go I doubt it’ll be too life threatening. But what did you all think of this volume? Are you still reading along, or have you read way ahead because of my slow pace? Let me know in the comments down below, and leave a like if you want to see more of this kind of content!

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