Quick Reviews: Seijou no maryoku, Hige wo Soru & Sayonara, watashi no Cramer.

Here we are again for the second (and last) quick reviews of the season. I admittedly didn’t watch a ton of shows. There are a few on my plan to watch list, but we all know how that tends to go. Here I want to highlight three good shows that I think might have fallen under the radar a little bit (maybe Hige wo Soru less so). I have the summer off (eternal student since I can’t seem to pass my courses, woohoo), so expect a lot more quick reviews at the end of next season. There’s also some lengthy reviews coming for other shows that aired this season. Now then, let’s get to it.

Seijou no Maryoku wa bannou desu

Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu - MyAnimeList.net

This show caught me off guard. I love a well executed Isekai, but I am also painfully aware that a vast majority of the Isekai shows are not particularly interesting. With this one I expected it could go either way, but instead it took a nice middle ground. Takanashi Sei is summoned to a fantasy world to become their saint. Except she wasn’t the only woman summoned from earth, and the other girl was more to the prince’s liking. Fortunately, this does give Sei more freedom to explore the world and her own passions. She spends her time learning herbs, cooking and eventually magic. As is obvious from the start, she was the real saint after all, and starts developing strong healing powers. The isekai-aspect of this show is more interesting than the most bland ones, but it’s still not great. But my opinion on Isekai as a genre is coming in the near future in a separate post, so stay put for that. I would recommend this anime if you’re looking for a calm slice of life show.

Hige wo Soru

Hige wo soru Joshikousei wo hirou 2 Japanese Comic Manga sexy Shimesaba |  eBay

I’m a surprisingly big fan of age-gap romance stories. This never really used to be thing, but I was introduced to the manga’s My boy in blue(P to JK) and Love so life and my life has never been the same. Having said that, what I like about both of those stories is how tastefully the thing is handled. None of the characters involved ever cross any questionable lines and it’s a lot more of a wholesome series more than anything. This show follows a salaryman who finds a high school girl sitting under a lantern in a box one day. She then goes to his house to stay there, and offers to have sex in return. Yoshida-san, our main character and all-around standup guy refuses, and lets her stay for free. They slowly build a relationship. Now before I continue, I will warn you that this next half will contain spoilers. If so far you’re already planning to watch it, skip past this okay?

Are we all set?

Very well.

What I enjoyed about this narrative is that they don’t get together at the end. They leave it a little bit ambiguous for sure, but I was very worried that she was gonna turn 18 and suddenly it would all be okay for them to date. Instead Yoshida stays a perfect gentleman until the very end, and part of me hopes he ends up with someone else. I just feel like the dynamic they have as almost a father-daughter is so much more wholesome than it ending with her falling for him. The whole point of the show seems to be that he is not like all those other men who abused her. So I was pleasantly surprised by this anime. If you like this kind of story, I do recommend it. Also, post-timeskip Asami is looking kind of cute, or is that just me?

Sayonara, watashi no Cramer.

Sayonara Watashi no Cramer (Farewell, My Dear Cramer) - MyAnimeList.net

This brings us to the third show we’re looking at today. Out of every show I’ve watched this got by far the lowest ratings and that is a bit surprising to me. This is a soccer anime, but it feels more like a slice of life comedy with sports thrown in to keep a narrative going. Don’t get me wrong, the soccer part is very important to the characters themselves, but I never feel invested in the few soccer matches we do see them play. What carries this show is the characters and how funny they are. Each of the Warabis (the team that we follow) that have a decent amount of screentime has an interesting personality. They’re all passionate about soccer but they’re also a bunch of self-centered idiots. I thoroughly enjoyed watching their interactions play out, and the show definitely seems to get better as the season went on. If any of this sounds interesting to you, please give the show a watch.

Now then, I hope this gives you a better idea what to watch from last season. I didn’t watch a few shows that were very popular (Fumetsu no Anata e, Vivy, Combatants will be dispatched & Eighty-Six), but all of those are on the list, and I might revisit them for a quick review in the future, if I ever end up watching them. But enough about me, what did you think about these three shows? Did you agree with my opinion or not? Are there other shows you’d like me to talk about in these quick reviews? Please leave a comment and a like. And as always; thanks for reading!

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