Who am I?

Hello and welcome to my blog. If you came here on purpose, thank you for showing up. If you arrived here by accident, I can only apologize. I’m Nick and I’ve been an aspiring author since I was child. Since then I’ve gone on to write many awful stories, but over time they’ve grown less awful. I also deliver mail and teach English (as an intern) so I’ve got that going for me.

On this blog I post some of the stories I’m writing, and I spend my free time talking about life, living with autism, anime and other things that just spring to mind. I can be very chaotic in what I prioritize and any schedule posted below is probably a lie. Regardless, I appreciate your visit and I hope you like some of the things you find here!

At the bottom of this page you’ll find some pictures of myself, my cat (Nami) and my previous red cat (Kokkino). I’m a cat person if you haven’t noticed, but I like all sorts of animals :).

2023 Update: I hope everyone is going to have a good New Years. This is my last small contribution to this blog this year before the new one starts. I have big plans for the New Year but as usual, consider everything in the schedule a lie that I tell myself.


Mondays: Something about manga, anime or other related topics

Tuesdays: Something about life, mental health or anything else

Wednesdays: One Piece Wednesday. We cover one volume a week, starting with the bonus comic in the first box set: Romance Dawn.

Thursdays: Weekly episode discussion. Every week we’ll talk about a new episode from one of the seasonal shows I’m watching. This will often be Bleach whenever that is airing.

Fridays: The Hesitant Hero Volume 2. This is the story I’m working on. I posted the first volume on this blog in its entirety, and although it needs some editing, it’s mostly done. I’m working on the second volume and will post weekly updates on it (most weeks).

First of the Month: In an effort to get back to my other story; The Necromancer’s Daughter, I am uploading one revised chapter at the start of each month. The first three or four chapters won’t change a ton, but after that it should be a more polished story. Look forward to an update every month.