About Me

Hello, and thank you so much for visiting my website, it means a lot to me! My name is Nick, and I’m an English teacher in my late twenties. I’m from a small village in the Netherlands that you wouldn’t know unless you lived there. Besides teaching English I also have a passion for writing. I’ve written stories for as long as I can remember, and I still thoroughly enjoy doing this. During the global pandemic in 2020 I decided to start my own website, in the hopes of finding more motivation to write during depressing times. If you like what you see, consider commenting, liking and following the blog for more content, it would mean a lot to me! ❤


Edit: No post on May 10th. Next update will be on Wednesday May 12th

Mondays: Writing, life and mental health.
Every two weeks you can find a new chapter of my progress on my first novel: The Necromancer’s Daughter. On weeks where there is no new chapter of The Necromancer’s Daughter you can find either a new short story or a blogpost in its stead.

Wednesdays: On Anime.
Every Wednesday you can expect anime related content on this blog. This can either be a review of a currently airing episode, a review of an anime I watched that week, or exploring a theme, character or arc in a specific show.

Fridays: On Manga.
Every Friday you can expect manga related content on this blog. This can either be a review of a volume on my shelf, a chapter review or something else.