The Hesitant Hero

Cobal Blueyerd is the third prince of the Blueyerd Kingdom. His Kingdom has been skirmishing with the strange and dark region that’s called the Feral Wildlands. Not much has been happening as of yet, but the worry of impending conflict caused the King to do something desperate. He had his court wizards use an ancient magic to summon a hero from another world. The previous hero was an extremely powerful warrior that is still talked about to this day.
To their surprise, the magic doesn’t summon a powerful warrior, but instead a young woman, who doesn’t seem to be powerful at all. Instead, she seems terrified about her current situation. So the king tasked his youngest son to travel with her, as the two of them figure out why she was the hero that was summoned.
Mana, the summoned hero, seems to know more than she’s giving up though, and the two start their tense journey to find someone who can help them out. Check out their journey down below: