Short Stories

Both The Necromancer’s Daughter as well as The Hesitant Hero are long running stories. Or they will be, eventually. Sometimes I just have a quick idea that I either want to test out, or make a fun short story about. This is where you’ll find those ideas. If you want a quick read, these are perfect. I love writing these, but they do take a lot of effort, so if you enjoy any of the stories down below, please be so kind to leave a comment.

Firedancer Elena

Elena is a young monk that has a fated meeting one evening, setting her on a course to learn more about herself.
I wrote this story as a prologue of sorts, and I’d love to one day revisit Elena and her story since there’s much to tell. She’s also one of my former D&D characters and I think there’s a lot more to her than I’ve written about. This is also my first short story ever, so it has a special place in my heart.

Down the rabbit hole

This was my attempt to write a horror short story for the spooky month of October. I’m not particularly impressed with this story myself, but it taught me that it’s good to challenge yourself from time to time and explore different genres.

Dream Chaser Faye

Faye is a young woman who has incredible powers. She’s able to appear in other people’s dreams and help them overcome the problems they’re trying to process while they’re asleep. Just like with Elena’s story, Faye has more to her. Once again a character I want to revisit.

Uncovering the tomb of Danahsereth

When David and Balthasar search the jungle for the long lost tomb of an ancient Egyptian ruler, the come across something far more powerful than they ever could imagine. The tomb of Danahsereth.
I feel like most of my short stories are just prologues for bigger ideas at this point, but at least in the case of Danahsereth it was always meant to be this way. As a matter of fact, I have a draft ready for another short story set in this world, that might be coming soon.