The Necromancer’s Daughter

Liari spent her youth at the Foxire Library, a massive building in a hollowed out tree stump that contains more books than one can imagine. The person who raised her there is an old wizard by the name of Fesquera. Unbeknownst to her, he is also considered to be one of the most powerful and dangerous people to have ever roamed these lands and there’s a reason he spends a lot of his time hidden away deep in the forest library. If he didn’t tell her about that, what else has he hidden from the young girl? Together with an unusual companion, Liari set out to find answer to questions she doesn’t even have yet.

The old versions of the first nine chapters are still on my website, this page however, will only link to the new and updated version. A new chapter drops on the first of every month.

Chapter One – The girl and the library

Chapter Two – The princess and the snow storm

Chapter Three – Misery loves Company

Chapter Four – A Mind Made Up

Chapter Five – Raindrops and Revelations

Chapter Six – The Amethyst that split the Sky I