June 2021 – Monthly Playlist

It’s July! That means it’s time to post last month’s playlist as well as give you an update.

I realized June was filled with updates, since my health got in the way of my productivity. I wrote 7400 words in June. That’s the lowest month by a margin of 17.000+ words so far. Having said that, it’s still better than half of what I did last year, so we just flip the page and move on to the next month.

I also didn’t sleep well recently. Not only did my physical health make lying down quite painful, there was also the existentialism that came with Bo Burnham’s Inside. The comedian’s latest special came out on Netflix and pretty much everyone I knew started watching it immediately. I don’t have Netflix, because I don’t watch many series on there, so I dropped it when money was tight. I considered getting it for just this special, but luckily we could organize a watch party. Money saved. This month’s playlist includes several of his songs from the special. I did a review of the show earlier this month, which you can find here. I would love to go in depth on some of the songs and give my interpretation on them, so I might do that this month. If you haven’t seen the special yet, prepare for painful relatability and existential dread. Welcome to the internet!

As you can see, it’s quite a short playlist this month. I didn’t listen to much new music. I spent most of my time watching Stardew Valley playthroughs, while playing the game myself as well. If you’re interested in that kind of thing, check out RayNarvaezJr on youtube, he’s a streamer I’ve been following for almost a decade at this point and he makes great content. On the topic of streamers, I’ve seen a few clips here and there coming by from T-pain. The musician turned streamer seems to be quite popular and honestly I’m here for it. I used to vibe to his music so much that I couldn’t help but include some of my favorite songs of his in this playlist. Including everyone’s favorite lyric:

Put you in a mansion, somewhere in Wiscansin.

Moving on, there’s only two songs in this list that fall outside of the aforementioned groupings. The first one is the opening to the Tower of God anime. I didn’t think the anime was particularly great, but it piqued my interest enough to read the Webtoon, which is in a league of its own. Those of you who regularly read my posts know I’m a big fan and have been rereading the story as of late. The opening is still really good and I urge everyone to give it a listen.

Last but not least is the new Ed Sheeran song; Bad Habits. This song doesn’t sound like Ed to be honest. I’m not a massive Ed fan, but I like most of his music, so I was a little bit excited for this. When I initially heard it, I was quite disappointed, but then my brother pointed out that the song sounds like something Ed might have initially written for The Weeknd. Listening to it in that capacity, and less as just another Ed Sheeran song made it sound differently and as I’m writing this post I’m vibing to it, I have to admit.

And that’s really it for June’s music. Summer is here, so I hope to go and explore some more new music for the next playlist. I want at least 30 songs in the July playlist, and I don’t want to be lazy about it. Y’all better hold me accountable. As to what else you can expect in July, expect big things. First of all, I’m back to regular scheduling. That means at least three posts a week, and hopefully more. I won’t promise more, don’t want to saddle myself with more work than I can handle. Chapter Six of The Necromancer’s Daughter is finally getting somewhere. I’d say I’m about two thirds done as of writing this. Expect it to drop either next Monday or the one after. I know I’ve said it’s coming soon many times, but this is the first time I actually have something already. I’m happy with where it’s gone, and I’m glad if I can pass this chapter. I think it’s a really good one, but it was really hard to get right. Mainly because it’s a touchy subject matter that I (when you read it, obviously) don’t have any experience with. I think I figured out a good path for the character though, so look forward to that.

And that’s really it for announcements. I appreciate all of you who’ve been reading, liking and even commenting on my posts, even when the content is slow. I love you all, and I’ll see you here again on Wednesday.

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