Manga Recommendation: Phantom Seer

Phantom Seer Ending: The Most Baffling Cancelation – OTAQUEST
Volume Covers

Manga: Phantom Seer

Author: Togo Goto

Illustrator: Kento Matsuura

Chapters: 30

Status: Finished

Right around the time I started to use the Manga Plus app for reading ongoing shows like One Piece, Black Clover, Demon Slayer and more, a new series called Phantom Seer started. It looked interesting enough so I decided to pick it up. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by it and I was really enjoying the latest arc. Unfortunately, after 30 chapters it seems the series has come to an end. Today I want to look back at this series and tell you a bit about it.

The story

Aibetsu is a regular high school girl who one day starts seeing strange things. Following someone’s advice she goes to ask help from Iori, a strange boy who sits alone in a classroom covered in talismans. Iori helps her out with her problem and she starts helping him out with future problems, gaining some talent as well. Iori is actually from a family of well established shamans, and his sister is a legend in the industry. Iori is very talented as well, but he is not a big fan of putting in effort. Later on in the manga it’s revealed why that is.

The art

The art is very good. The panels look well drawn and it reads nicely. The aberrations look terrifying and really help sell the whole concept. The manga definitely has a creepy feel to it and the art fits perfectly.

The conclusion

The first few arcs felt like decent build-up. Nothing that blew my mind, but it was enjoyable to read. It slowly introduced the relevant characters and setting. The final “dollhouse” arc was where things started to get good. That’s why I am disappointed with Jump for ending the series this quickly. The arc was well written, the characters were interesting and the way everyone’s powers worked was fun to watch. I really would have loved to see more of it and if you’re looking for a fun shonen manga to read I would definitely recommend this one. With 30 chapters it doesn’t take long to get through it, and although the ending was a bit abrupt to me, it did leave enough room to finish the story arc so you’re not stuck with a story without an ending. 

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