Bungo Stray Dogs IV – Episode 10

We’re closing in on the finish line with this season. This is the tenth episode already out of a total scheduled thirteen episodes. It makes me wonder if a near future sequel is in the works because I’d be very surprised if much gets resolved in the next four episodes. That would actually be pretty weird, seeing how long they spent on the set-up of this storyline. But perhaps today’s episode will change my perspective on this so without further ado, let’s get to it.

I sure hope you’re right Francis. It’s not looking great right now.

We  get straight back into the frey with the agency, port mafia and the remains of the guild all converging. I have to say that the moment I saw Kenji run towards the ambulance alone I was pretty certain it would explode and what do you know. I’m sure it’s made to look like a trap from the guild but is actually someone else’s work. And there you have it, the hunting dogs and the police are back. Have they misjudged Francis’ intent after all or is there something different going on? With this anticipation in our minds we jump to the opening theme. I do appreciate how a lot of the relationships in this show are very messy. There’s no straightforward good and bad guys everywhere, but there’s morally complex people with different goals. There’s still very much bad people though, Mori-sensei.

In Dutch we say “now the monkey comes out of the sleeve” but since English is a bit less interesting we’ll just say “The cat’s out of the bag” instead.

And it gets revealed to us almost immediately that Francis did not sell out the agency after all. Real recognize real, after all. It seems like the raincoat guy is the last of the five hunting dogs that we haven’t seen yet. I wonder if it’s someone we know, since they’re making a big deal out of hiding their face. The remaining agency members split up with Yosano rapidly being found by Atsushi whose hearing picked up her footsteps. She uses her ability to help Francis’ employee with Atsushi saying that he does not believe they were betrayed. Something else must be going on here. I’m starting to wonder if the agency or the port mafia has a traitor. I’m still a little bit worried that we might lose someone here. Also, what a crazy reveal out of the blue. Seeing that necklace pop up like that has to be a crazy shock to Yosano. I wonder if this hunting dog is the guy who killed himself during the war or someone else. Ryuurou Hirotsu dies protecting Yosano and the other two port mafia people. I’m going to guess Mori will be a lot more invested after this.

I can’t help but want these interactions to just be over. Fyodor is just saying things that don’t really add much value to the story. I want to see Dazai in action, not in prison with someone from /r/iamverysmart.

Alright, this better be an illusion of sorts because there’s no way this many characters are going to get killed, right? I’m actually kind of worried and forgot to write. Sure, monologuing your backstory is a pretty surefire way to get killed in a story like this. Fyodor wonders how many members of the agency will survive against him, but I think the question is how many poort mafia members will survive. It is starting to feel like they’re being used as replacements for the tension of having characters die. Yosano can’t die here, right? I feel like that’s not the right end to her story. 

Oh my god.

So before this soldier died I thought he might be related to the things happening now. Turns out I wasn’t too far off in my guess.

I saw the mannequin in an earlier scene and for a moment thought it was an onlooker. When the camera panned away from it I figured I was wrong after all. So who’s the traitor then? Is it mister suddenly sharing my backstory? That makes a lot of sense. Tachihara Michizou was the final hunting dog. And the person that Yosano desperately tried to save in her backstory was his older brother. I was wondering how everything was going to make sense but I’m very happy that it all fits really neatly. I’m going to guess that Gin isn’t mortally wounded here, losing three port mafia named members in one episode would be a bit much. Tachihara betraying them, Hirotsu dying and Gin also dying would be a bit much. I can’t believe this show is still smashing my expectations every week, even ten weeks into the wild ride. I will say, if Yosano dies I will riot. I don’t think she will though. This is why I’m always really careful when I google character’s names or backstories for these reviews. What if I accidentally read something I shouldn’t? EIther way, we end the episode on another crazy cliffhanger. Three episodes left. It’s now more or less confirmed that Decay of Angels and the Hunting Dogs are separate organizations. So we might get a conclusion with the Hunting Dogs this season, although I doubt it, but we’ll definitely not see the end of Decay of Angels for a little while longer. I do hope we get to see Dazai in action in the next few episodes, I miss him.

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