The Necromancer’s Daughter – Update

Here we are again. Two new chapters posted and I’m already stuck again. There will be no new chapter of The Necromancer’s Daughter today. There are two big reasons why this series is going on hiatus again.

  1. I’ve been putting a lot of effort into my other series. Most of my time editing and proofreading is going into Hesitant Hero at the moment. This is partially because I really, really want to have consistent releases for that series and also because it’s the closest to being a complete novel. One of my lifelong dreams is to publish a novel. I want at least one person who I’ve never met to read a book I’ve written and think it was good. So right now I really want to make sure I can finish the novel somewhere this year. And that’s realistic as well.
  2. I’ve been struggling with The Necromancer’s Daughter story for a while. There are inconsistencies because I’ve written so many versions of it that I’m starting to wrongly remember which smaller ideas I ended up going with. I realistically need to sit down and re-do quite a lot of it. The first couple chapters are probably fine, but the second small arc is a mess. And in true writing fashion, I’ve continued writing the story anyway, ignoring the problem. This is fine if you’re eventually going back to it, but not if you’re supposed to regularly post chapters. So this series is back on hiatus. I have two weeks of holiday coming up. My hope is to make a good start on this series then and continue that progress. Ideally This series comes back in a month or two, but knowing myself I’m not going to promise anything.

And that’s really all I have for you today. I’m extremely happy with the increase in interest in some of my other blogposts but I do urge anyone who normally comes here for anime content to go read The Hesitant Hero. It’s inspired by many of the Isekai anime that have aired throughout the years and I’m really proud of it. Thanks for reading!

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