NaNoWriMo 2021 Update #2

We’re now 2 weeks into this challenge and through some unexplainable magic I’m still on schedule. I’m even a little bit ahead, assuming I manage to write enough words today. I’ve written 24499 words so far, and after 15 days I should be at 25000. So if I write a couple hundred today I’ll be on track.

I think this challenge so far, albeit very difficult, is quite good for my productivity. I can see that some of the things I’ve written aren’t good, and need a bunch of editing and some of the story beats need refining, but as a rough draft I don’t think it’s bad. 

My characters have just met up with a musical spirit and saved her from her prison. Now they’re headed into the Liriath forest. A big chunk of my story is formed around the fact that the continent has a large jungle at its center called the Feral Wildlands. It’s so massive that it takes up about 80 to 90% of the continent’s entire area. All of the kingdoms are built around it. I like the idea of characters exploring uncharted territory. The Liriah Forest should be a similar place but much less dangerous. I hope I can think of some good stories that take place there.

As for writing other things alongside NaNoWriMo, that has proven to be near impossible. I’ve written some notes and these update posts, but that’s really all I can muster. I’m also finishing up my 1600-1700 daily words later and later in the day. Saturday I wasn’t done until past 11 PM, I really thought I was going to falter.

On that note, I have a busy evening, so I best get to writing fast, so I don’t get stuck having to do it late into the evening. Thanks for reading. And for those of you who’ve noticed my lack of posts, I promise that once NaNoWriMo is over we’ll pick up the pace. For starters, I’m hoping to post this entire story eventually, once it’s gone through the editing phase. Until then, see you all next week!

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