Eden’s Zero is really good!

With the first anime season now finished, and volume 12 of the manga being translated into English already, Eden’s Zero is looking like it’s here to stay. And it’s good!
I just finished volume 12 of the manga myself, which included chapter 100. Time flies so fast. I wrote about the manga right before the anime started airing and back then I recommended it for sure. You can read my thought from back then here.

I wanted to come back to this series because a lot of people might be thinking about picking up the manga after season 1 of the anime, and they might be on the fence. So I wanted to give my quick thoughts for those on the fence.

If you liked Fairy Tail or Rave Master you’ll like Eden’s Zero, that’s a no-brainer. If you are unfamiliar with either series, or didn’t particularly enjoy them, should you still pick up Eden’s Zero? Yes, absolutely! It has its flaws, but it feels like Mashima has learned from his previous projects and is improving as an author. Not to mention, there are many parallels between Eden’s Zero and the ever popular One Piece, and Mashima is not only aware of this, but he leans into it. Without going deeply into spoiler territory, in volume 12 there was a scene that you can find in One Piece as well, panel for panel. It made me a little bit emotional.

I don’t have too much more to add, other than read Eden’s Zero if you can, it’s an absolute blast. The characters are fun, the story is fun and the world it’s set in is full of endless possibilities and it draws strength from that. I’m also curious as to what you all think about Eden’s Zero. Did you like the anime? Or perhaps you’re also reading the manga, and keeping up weekly, or on a volume by volume basis. Do you like it, and do you agree that it has potential? Let me know in the comments down below and as always, thanks for reading!

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