Tensura Season 2 (Part 2) – Episode 7

Who’s that pokémon? It’s Treyni

Good evening everyone, I hope you’re all well. We’re now seven episodes into this series and things are finally picking up speed. When I watched this episode yesterday, I noticed some changes made to the opening, so let’s go through those before we start talking about the episode itself.
For starters, they slightly changed how they show the main cast, making it a bit more fast paced. Then the long shot of Clayman’s home is replaced by showing off all the attendants to Walpurgis, as well as a closer look at who Souei and Shion are fighting.

Geld’s ready to get his revenge.

We then get a little bit more strategy with Benimaru telling us about his skill “born leader.” The beastketeers then ask permission to eliminate the leader of the enemy army. This turns into three different fights. The gang splits up and Geld’s group very successfully lures the main army into a trap. I hope there’s a twist coming because personally I feel like all of this is way too easy. Regardless, three fights start and we get a little taste of each.

The first fight looks to be between Suphia and Gabiru and Milim’s followers. This fight has me curious because I kind of feel bad. Milim is being brainwashed and her followers seem to be having a rough time because of it. It wouldn’t surprise me if this fight ends in a stalemate somehow.

Phobio has to fight both Tear and Footman, who he has a grudge against from an earlier arc, and rightfully so. What has me worried is that Laplace has been shown to be on a similar level to Clayman, and arguably smarter. I don’t know how strong these two are, but they definitely seem confident. They acknowledge Phobio’s strength though, but I still don’t see Phobio winning this. Could he become a hostage that Clayman can use against Rimuru? Geld has been shown to be very strong though, so when he shows up to help I get a bit more confident.

I think this match-up was always going to be the most straightforward, even before Gobta joined in. I figured Albis was the strongest of the three and Yamza has been shown to be a bit of a coward and a scumbag right before the fight. He proves this by immediately breaking the 1 versus 1 he promised. Luckily everyone’s favorite Goblin Gobta is here with his squad. I saw someone on reddit say that the novels have a Gobta side story, which I’m very excited for since he’s one of my favorite characters.

Have some faith in yourself, Gobta.

I feel like I say that this is the last bit of set-up every week, and as much as I’m thoroughly in love with this show, even I’m starting to get a little bit impatient. I want to see Walpurgis and I doubt I’m alone in that. But good build-up makes for good pay-off, so I suppose we have to be patient for one more week.

And with my job done, I’ll see you all again next week!

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