March 2021 – Monthly Playlist

This is just a bonus post I’m doing because I love music and want to share some good songs I’ve listened to lately

One of the things that really helps me when I’m writing something is listening to the right music. I have a few playlists on spotify, as well as a list of liked songs that’s growing at the speed of sound. I want to start sharing some of these playlists with you guys. So starting with March 2021, I’m making a playlist with songs I’ve discovered that month, or I’ve just listened to an unreasonable amount. Here’s the playlist as well as some explanations as to why I picked these songs.

Let’s start with the big winner for me; Machine Gun Kelly. I remember MGK as the guy who tried to diss Eminem and kind of failed. After that I didn’t really listen to any of his music. I like Hip-Hop, but I’m also very picky when it comes to the genre and I figured I wouldn’t be missing out too much. Well let’s just say I was wrong. In 2020, MGK made a punk-rock album called “Tickets To My Downfall” and it’s absolutely amazing. I love punk-rock, with Fallout Boy being one of my favorite bands ever. I know that’s kind of the vanilla punk-rock band, but I do think they’re very good at what they do and Patrick’s voice is a gift to us all. MGK seems to be part of a recent movement to revive the genre and I am all here for it. I’m adding 3 songs from his album to the playlist, but make sure to check out the entire album!
In a similar trend I found out about YUNGBLUD fairly recently. He did a song with KSI and Polo G called Patience. It also has the punk-rock aesthetic that I love, with KSI’s singing being very good. With special guest Travis Barker from Blink-182 fame this song is star studded. 

Doing hardcore parkour from one genre of music to the next, let’s move on to J-pop. That’s right, I’m still a weeb at heart and Japan has delivered consistently good music. I’m specifically pleased with True’s album Storyteller. The songs have been used by the Slime Isekai anime with the song 黎明 or Reimei being used at the apex of episode 9. It fit the scene it was in so well that I ended up listening to the song on repeat for the following two days. Another amazing artist I discovered fairly recently (it might have been February, but I make the rules here) is Yuuri and his song Kakurenbo. I’ll make sure to add it to the playlist.

There are a few more songs and artists I want to highlight here, so it’s time for a lightning round.
Bruno Mars’ song Leave the door open with Anderson .Paak is a joy to listen to. Bruno is super talented. I’ve also been listening to Post Malone, and his song with the pokemon tune is a masterpiece. A good friend of mine recommended the rapper NF to me, and his songs are really good. Last I want to mention is one of the biggest artists of this moment: The Weeknd. None of the songs I’ve listened to are particularly new, but they are absolute fire, so I have to add them.

I wrote most of this post a couple days away from posting it, and I have since added a few more songs. The most notable being “Last Cup of Coffee.” by Natsumii, Valkyrae and Lilypichu. I have to admit I don’t watch their streams too much, since I’m not huge on watching long streams. I do think they’re all very funny people and I love seeing them in highlights. This song is a nice combination of chill music, coffee and existential dread. If you like this one, check out Lily’s song Dreamy Night as well. It was one of, if not my most played song of 2020.

I think I’ve kept you waiting long enough now, here’s the March playlist, listen to it while you’re working on your own creative projects and let me know if there’s any music I should really check out in April. Thanks for reading and remember to like and share!

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