An Apple A Day (Dr. Stone Season 2 Review)

Here’s everyone’s favorite disclaimer: this review contains spoilers for Dr. Stone Season 2 as well as the season 3 trailer.

It’s review season. The Winter 2021 season is nearing its conclusion and several big name shows are ending. I’ll try my best to look at a good chunk of them in the upcoming weeks, so expect a few more posts than normal. I don’t plan to do this for every season, but there’s so much to talk about right now that it would be a waste not to do so. Let’s start it off with a show that I really enjoyed. The doctor will see you now.

The season starts off with a plan. Tsukasa’s camp has a lot of people that aren’t aware that some of the luxuries they enjoyed before petrification aren’t as much in the past as they might think. Gen has the brilliant talent to mimic the voice of Lillian and sing her songs. That way they hope to convince some of the people in Tsukasa’s camp to join their side instead. It’s a good plan, but they run into a die-hard fan immediately who is able to figure out the trick immediately. Talk about terrible luck, Senku-kun. Niki is a pretty decent person though, and the idea that she can listen to her favorite singer once more has convinced her. I loved this little arc. Niki became one of my favorites. I’m a big fan of music, listening to some as I’m writing this. Music is such a magical phenomenon that i can’t really put in words how much it’s helped me through rough times. It’s why we get so attached to certain bands. Seeing Niki cry because she could listen to her music once more was heartwarming, and I’m tearing up as I’m writing this.

America Desu!

With the plan well on the way, and Taiju and Yuzuriha trying to convince more and more of the people in Tsukasa’s camp to join their side, team Chrome runs into some trouble. They’re scouted by Ukyou, who manages to capture Chrome. He does leave some of the truth of the events out when reporting to Tsukasa. With Chrome a captive, Senku and team science get ready to free their friend and capture the miracle cave from Tsukasa. The middle part of this season spends time with them preparing as well as Chrome going through some hijinx while in captivity. He’s such a fun character.

Chrome is such a badass

And what brings home the threat of science more than a freaking tank. Of course they’d get a tank, it’s Senku. With the tank ready they make their way to Tsukasa’s camp. I’ll avoid talking too much about the confrontation with Tsukasa and Hyoga, to avoid spoiling the entire show, but I found it a very satisfying conclusion to the show. Chrome rejoins his friends as they get ready for the clash.

Not to be confused with regular gorilla; Kohaku

This season of Dr. Stone was just as good as the first season, and arguably even better. I have the first volume of the manga on my shelf behind me, and I’ve been considering buying more. With the announcement of season 3 coming right after this season finished I might wait a bit longer and watch that first. I do like going into anime blind, because if I read the manga first the charm isn’t quite there for me. Having said that, it’s definitely a manga I’d add to my collection eventually. Speaking of the announcement for season 3, people have already called the next season Dr. Stone: One Piece edition, and rightfully so. They’re building a ship to cross the ocean. I love sailing and pirates, so that arc should be an absolute joy. Not to mention the outfit designs shown in the trailer. Absolutely amazing.

All things considered, Dr. Stone season 2 was a very solid shonen anime that tugged at your heartstrings here and there, but also managed to be very funny. One of the better shonens of this time, and that’s saying a lot with some of the amazing stuff airing alongside it. This anime passes with flying colors. How exhilarating.

I swear, Kaseki is more beard than person.
I love the bright colors used here
Oh captain, my captain.

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