Bungo Stray Dogs IV – Episode 12

Hey folks, glad to have you here. I’m feeling very under the weather right now. I think it’s a flu or something, but regardless of what it is, the room is spinning ever so slightly and my entire body hurts. If today’s post is a little bit shorter or less coherent I apologize. I do welcome the distraction of doing some writing and watching a good anime, but I don’t expect the same quality as normal. With that out of the way though, let’s dive into the second to last episode of this season of Bungo Stray Dogs.

Whenever these kinds of moments happen in a story I always wonder if there’ll be an example where they mess up and accidentally kill someone instead of just intimidate them.

We get some looks into both parties getting ready and then are greeted with Fukuzawa and Genichiro drinking in a prison cell. They’re old friends after all but Fukuzawa refuses to give in to Genichiro’s demand for surrender. The other hunting dogs are already hot on the tail of the Armed Detective Agency’s tail. They know about Lucy and are putting pressure on the cafe manager. I want to quickly point out the irony in them telling the manager to treat the Detective Agency fairly after having had multiple attempts on their lives. None of them probably successful, seeing what kind of story this is so far, but in universe that’s not relevant. Offering a fair trial at this point is probably a lie.

Excuse me? There’s a flying hovercraft casino that’s absolutely massive? That’s crazy. We’re introduced to Sigma – which is not their real name – who we’ve seen in the opening already. I was wondering when this character would show up. Taking bets on if  they’re with the Decay of Angels or not. Aren’t they alongside Nikolai in the opening? We’re also introduced to what is more or less the dominator from Psycho Pass. That’s a lot of technology to introduce this late into the game. If this guy is with the Decay of Angels then him not working against Lucy is probably part of their plan. He could also still be unrelated. He looks like a goofball, but in this show that doesn’t say much. I’d also like to take a moment to say that Teruko kind of reminds me of Tanya Degurachev. Crazy little girls are terrifying.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Metal, Plane.

So it turns out  there’s more to Sigma and the casino than meets the eye. That’s not unexpected though. We shift to Tachihara spotting Atsushi. But seeing him like that right after Sigma talking about dealing with the Hunting Dogs makes me think it is probably some sort of illusion. Either way, Tachihara busts open the door to see for himself. How wrong I was on this being some illusion by Sigma. He’s back in his office being distraught at the fact that Tachihara finds his coin collection. I’m sure this is all legally obtained tender though and he shouldn’t have to worry right? There we go, it’s revealed that Sigma and Fyodor are coworkers which all but confirms that he might be with the Decay of Angels. Whether he’s one of the main five, we’ll have to see. 

Do you reckon these function like those giant hamster balls you use to play soccer with and run into each other?

An explosive coin and they have tons of those. That’s a big reveal. Sigma is on that sigma grindset though. This is some epic music though. Sending an airplane full of explosives isn’t enough to kill these hunting dogs, that’s pretty insane. How are they ever supposed to be defeated? Atsushi is planning to team up with the hunting dogs. Together they’ll stop Sigma, get the knowledge of where the page is and win some faith back. We also learn that Sigma is a man with amnesia and this strange technologically advanced flying casino didn’t exist until the page was used to will it into existence. That’s a bit more logical than it just always having been there. It seems like a pretty big deal to just appear in the story this late without proper explanation.

Things are heating up inside the casino. A big casino like this is always a good place for an action story, It reminds me of that one One Piece movie.

Dazai and Fyodor talk a little bit more about things. Fyodor praises Sigma, his mediocre man who is desperate, and says he’s dangerous. As if to prove that point, Sigma makes sure everyone in the casino turns on the Hunting Dogs by promising their debts to be wiped. Tachihara gets stabbed as a result. If only you had a powerful doctor that could heal any injury. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it? Having said that, I’m sure Atsushi and them will jump to the rescue and the Hunting Dogs will have no choice but to take the help. I can’t imagine this show is ending in another episode, so I’m very curious about the season finale. I’m expecting the announcement that more is coming soon, if not it’ll be a very disappointing end to an otherwise good season. I’m going to go back to bed now, thanks for reading.

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