Bungo Stray Dogs IV – Episode 11

Before we jump into the madness that this episode will highly likely be, let’s give a little bit of a quick recap of the recent events. The Armed Detective Agency is suspected of murdering a bunch of people, due to a scheme by the Decay of Angels, also known as Five or V. I falsely thought that they might be the same people as the Hunting Dogs, who are currently chasing the Detective Agency, but I’ve since changed my mind on this. The Port Mafia and the Guild have both given aid to them, both expecting something in return from Yosano, the medic of the agency. During their attempt to escape from the Hunting Dogs the port mafia lost one of their executives and was betrayed by another; Tachihara. Tachihara turned out to be the final Hunting Dog and we left the episode with him getting revenge for his dead brother, who Yosano tried to save during the war but couldn’t. Wow, that was a lot, and we haven’t even started yet. But now that we’re all caught up, let’s get back into it.

What a pleasant look back at a friend, I’m sure no one will ruin it by threatening him or something.

We start the episode with Mushitaro in denial about his current state, and then quickly being broken out of prison by Atsushi and Kyouka. They threaten him, which is probably going to backfire. Not a second has passed before he does his best to get them noticed by the guards. They’re in bad luck, because Sakaguchi Ango has surrounded the bank. He used to be spying in the Port Mafia for the government, before he was found out. He’s back to working with the government. I do like that in a story with mafia and crazy murderous organizations, it’s the government branches that are probably the most scary. It’s a good thing Mushitaro has a stupidly overpowered ability to use. There’s a showdown in the vault between Ango’s people and Mushitaro, Kyouka and Atsushi. They pull off a pretty simple trick with relative ease. Shame on you, Ango, for falling for that. It is nice to finally get full circle on Mushitaro’s character and his relationship with his old friend.

It’s a big misunderstanding that Mushitaro thinks Ango leads some organization that he doesn’t. Fyodor has really managed to string everyone and keep them where he wants them.

I can’t help but notice a trend that as soon as one character slowly walks away from the other characters something bad is about to happen. It’s a choice they keep making and it’s unfortunately getting a bit predictable. Both Atsushi and Kyouka haven’t recognized this trend yet, so they get hit by sleep darts. It turns out they hadn’t fully lost Ango at all. Woah, what a plot twist. Dazai and Ango were still communicating with each other. They’re still on the same team after all, they both work to preserve peace in the town. He explains all of this to our friends, but it’s good to know that Ango is working against Fyodor. Fyodor also lied to Mushitaro about who Ango is. This is a pretty big development, so I’m somewhat worried things are about to go really bad. Then again, after the last episode they deserve a break. They go into Lucy’s special power where she’s hiding from danger. Ango is currently protecting her. He also reveals he only worked with the Seventh Agency to help out his friend Dazai. Ango’s a good guy! Obviously this hits a soft spot in Mushitaro. 

So that’s how Dazai is managing to communicate with his allies. Now we just need to figure out how Fyodor does it. But who is Fyodor communicating with? If it’s so vital he keeps in contact, does that mean that’s to keep the Decay of Angels moving, or is it in some way instructing the Hunting Dogs movement?

The terrorist organization, Decay of Angels, is comprised of five members. The demonic Fyodor and jester Nikolai, as well as two more extremely talented Gifted. And one founder who manages them. 

Mushitaro goes on to explain a lot about what their goals are. They want to use the page to erase the state. They still have one side of the page left and are planning to use it in ten days to cause another tragedy. We still do not know who the leader of the Decay of Angels is. Atsushi and Kyouka are happy that there’s ten days left to fix things. If they steal the page back and fix the Agency’s reputation then all the problems are solved. I am worried that next week’s episode is called Bungo Hound Dogs. And I doubt it’s a reference to the famous Elvis song. But that’s a week from now, let’s enjoy an episode where for once things didn’t go horribly wrong. Two weeks left on this show, but I’m very curious to see where this season ends and if they announce a sequel. I can’t see it ending in two episodes, but I’ve seen weirder endings in my time watching anime. That also means I need to decide what to watch next season and speak along with. Maybe the new Dr. Stone season? There’s many options so I’m open to suggestions. But as always, that’s been me, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Bish bash bosh, simple as that.

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