Numbness like a ginger

I’ve been thinking about making a blogpost about anime music for a while. Not just anime music though, Japanese music as a whole has caught my interest and some of my favorite artists right now don’t even commonly make anime openings and endings. Although having Yorushika do an opening for Kaina this season was a very pleasant surprise. Ever since a good friend introduced me to their music I’ve been in love with them. Their song Hitchcock is one of the best ones I’ve ever heard. But something that I see regularly is Japanese artists with strange names or even stranger song names. So since I’m a little bit down right now due to having gone to the dentist today and feeling like the stress should have killed me but didn’t, let me give you a short and sweet post with some fun songs.

Let’s start with the one I used as a title: Numbness like a ginger. This catchy, jazzy tune is the ending theme for the anime Blue Lock. It’s performed by Unison Square Garden, which has been on my radar for a few years now. The first song I learned about that they made was their ending for the anime Kekkai Sensen: Sugar song to bitter step. This already has a weird name, but the singer belting out numbness like a ginger made me raise an eyebrow. As far as I’m aware, there’s no real saying in that trent and some quick googling didn’t reveal all that much. So I’m guessing it’s just something they thought sounded cool? I don’t know, but if you know more do let me know.

Let’s have a look at some artists as well. One of my favorite Japanese artists, which I also discovered through Kekkai Sensen, is Bump of Chicken. It sounds like you’re doing drugs right? Gimme a bump of that chicken. They’ve done music for great anime since, including a pokemon music video, a commercial for candy in Japan and even some of the openings for my favorite series: 3-gatsu no lion. They’re an alternative rock group according to wikipedia and I’d describe their sound as very mellow rock. If you want to dive into their music I’d highly recommend you give a listen to their songs Hello World! And Answer.

Last but not least let’s have a quick mention of a few more weird band names.

Porno Graffitti’s The Day is used as one of the opening themes for My Hero Academia. Not my favorite, but definitely a name that raises some eyebrows. I’m not familiar with any of their other music personally. The same can be said for The Oral Cigarettes. They made the song Kyouran Hey Kids which the Noragami anime uses and that’s an absolute banger. But I never really listened to their other music. This is just telling me I should really re-read Noragami, it’s been ages since I’ve read anything about it.
Last but not least is a slightly less weird name, but it’s a group that I really like so I would be remiss not to mention them here: Little Glee Monster.
I don’t know if they’ve done much music for anime. They were involved with one of the Boruto openings but no one watches that show so that’s not very helpful, is it? They’re like one of those J-pop girl groups but I think they’ve created a really pleasant sound and I find myself enjoying their songs whenever they pop up. If you want to start somewhere, I recommend you listen to their song Echo. It has a bit more punch than some of their other songs. They also have some more flowery songs that I enjoy. 

And that’s a quick mention of some strange band names. I have some reviews and things planned for the next few weeks, so bear with me. As always I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read these and if you do enjoy my ramblings, please leave a like down below.

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