Bungo Stray Dogs IV – Episode 8

I’m very tired, as I’ve talked about on here before, so I’m going to keep it short this week. Apologies for the inconvenience, I hope to have more time and energy next week. Either way, let’s dive into this week’s Bungo Stray Dogs. We left off with Chuuya saving a group of the agency members and that’s exactly where we pick up. I’m hoping to learn a little bit more about what’s going on this week.

That’s my GOAT.

We start off with a hefty sacrifice. Kunikida, whose core is being shaken by this entire ordeal, sacrifices himself to get the hunting dogs off of the chopper. I’m guessing he’s not actually dead because this show does like to keep its main cast going, but we’ll see. Two days pass.
Kyouka and Atsushi are still at the crime scene, discussing where to go from here. I’m guessing if Atsushi is the member that the Port Mafia requested back, or that it’s going to be someone else. We see a flash of Dazai but he doesn’t seem to actually be there. 

Miyano Mamoru’s voice for Dazai is so pleasant. I wish I could listen to an ebook of him narrating everything. I’d have to speed up my Japanese learning for that though, so maybe not right now.

With the agency hanging by a thread, the need for allies is large. Not only the port mafia, but the guild is about to get involved as well. It doesn’t seem like the guild is in a particularly good state either. Francis is currently fighting someone who I don’t quite recognize. Apparently Dazai was already arrested before, I guess I really need more sleep. Fyodor and the Decay of angels are really going strong. Fyodor is being held in Europe, I think this is one of the few times we go outside of Yokohama. Fyodor has his eyes set on the eyes of god though as it could pose a problem. It turns out Dazai knew what he was doing after all and is now taking his rightful place on the other side of the chess board, opposite of Fyodor. Things are heating up more and more.

Harry Potter and the prisoners of Europe

Dazai and Fyodor have a little therapy session together. These two have some serious screws loose. They both have a method to communicate with the outside world, but they don’t want to reveal it to each other. We go back to Atsushi and Francis trying to see eye to eye but they simply can’t. Francis is still a terrible person and nothing has changed. With how large the cast of this show is I do think it suffers greatly from the long breaks in between seasons. I don’t recognize half the characters. I don’t know who this Margaret is at all. 

We still know so little about this man but he’s so central to the story. I hope we learn more about him in this upcoming arc.

We move back to Mori-san and the surviving members of the agency. He’s not quite buying Francis’ willingness to help them and thinks it’s a trap. Things are still very confusing. I thought Mushitaro was long dead, but apparently he could still be alive somewhere. Putting aside my confusion, I did enjoy this episode a lot. I hope you did too. Thanks for reading.

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