Bungo Stray Dogs IV – Episode 7

Now that we’re at the halfway point of the season, let’s do a quick recap to see what has happened so far. We’ve seen a flashback of when Fukuzawa and Ranpo met each other. In this flashback we saw several members of Five, including the mustachioed gentleman that was with Fukuzawa initially but seems to be on the opposite side of history now. After this we went back to the present where Ranpo dealt with crime around a novelist and through this discovered that the agency is in danger. This discovery wasn’t wrong as the last episode we watched had the members of the Armed Detective Agency framed for a crime by Nikolai, the jester. But on the other hand, Nikolai seems to be dead, Fyodor is still imprisoned so even though things are pretty dire for the Agency, there should only be three main members of Five or The Decay of Angels left. And now we’re all caught up, let’s get back to it.

It turns out our favorite crazy doctor won’t disappoint.

Reality is once again bent as Ranpo is now the suspected murderer of the police chief. Things pick up rapidly with the entire Agency under threat. They’re now branded to be the decay of angels. The reality altering book is suspected to be a power even higher than that of any gifted. It has to be at least inspired by the Death Note right? Things are never straightforward in this story, but that’s what keeps it fresh. I’m curious how they’re going to get out of this predicament. A lot can happen, seeing there’s quite a few characters in the opening that haven’t yet made their appearance this season. I’m guessing we’ll see another team up with the Port Mafia before the season is over.

Fukuchi Ouchi, who I’m confident is a member of the Decay of Angels. Early prediction is that he thinks Fukuzawa is a threat because they used to work together.

There we have the leader of the Decay of Angels, It looks like the military police were the bad guys. One of the guys is called Jouno. There’s more than five though, so I’m curious if everyone in this squad is part of the bad guys, or just a few. Teruko seems mentally sound at least. The members are: Fukuchi Ouchi, Jouno Saigiku, Suehiro Tetcho, Okura Teruko and finally, not present, a fifth unnamed member. I’m starting to get confused about who is who in the story. Maybe my idea of who the Decay of Angels are isn’t as solid as I thought it was. Maybe either Nikolai or Fyodor is the fifth member of the Hunting Dogs? Either way, the Armed Detective Agency is done for.

They don’t appear to be serious villains when you see them interact like this. Makes me think that at the very leas not everyone is in on this.

I was wondering if we were going to see what happened to Atsushi. Turns out we didn’t forget him. He was still stuck where he was left after his fight with Nikolai. He’s unaware of what is going on, so he calls for help. The help instead requests permission to fire. I know it’s to add tension to the story, but there’s no way police would just shoot at a person that seems to be stuck. Well, at least not outside of the US. Luckily, Kyouka came to help. The two of them seem to be the safest right now. The rest of the gang is barely escaping the hunting dogs. I’m guessing that won’t be for long. I suppose car beats sword but superhuman beats car. I stand corrected, sword beats car as well. It looks like Tetcho has a similar ability to Ichimaru Gin from Bleach. That’s extremely dangerous. 

Look at him 😀 Their savior.

IT’S CHUUYA!!!!! I’ve never been more happy to see the Port Mafia make an appearance. Of course the Agency was going to be saved, the story would probably end if half the group died on the road. How they were going to be saved was a mystery though. It turns out it’s the mafia on the orders of the boss. I’ve always been a big fan of the complicated relationship that the two organizations have. Speaking of complicated relationships, where is Dazai in all of this? Did I miss where he went, or have we not seen him in a while? Either way, I’m even more excited than I was at the end of last week’s episode. This season has been very good so far and it’s making me seriously consider buying the manga. I already have some of the books so I feel like that’s a good enough excuse to splurge on more of them, right? But that’s been me and my thoughts on this episode, as always I’d like to thank you for reading and until next week!

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