Don’t sleep on Buddy Daddies

I picked up a lot of shows at the start of this season. There were even too many and I had to drop some of the weaker pilots. One show that was on the edge of being eliminated was Buddy Daddies. A different take on Spy x Family is what it looked like. I wasn’t super impressed by the synopsis and although the first episode was far from bad, it didn’t sell the concept to me. It would take one or two more episodes for me to get hooked.

Look at this adorable little pipsqueak. She’s so happy and excited to see santa. Who definitely isn’t a hitman in disguise.

The plot of Buddy Daddies, although in ways just as silly as Spy x Family, is a bit less convoluted. There’s no mind readers or future predicting dogs (so far), and there’s no fake marriage and massive plot to broker peace between the east and the west. Instead we get two hitmen who live together and accidentally kill a young girl’s father. Well, the killing wasn’t accidental, but them getting stuck with the four year old Miri was definitely not planned.

When Rei actually does his hair and dresses up for the occasion the difference between that and his normal demeanor is jarring. He’s so handsome.

Small spoilers incoming for the series, but in the third episode they “resolve” the problem of Miri’s real parents not being around for her. Well, I did mention one half of them were killed. Now our two hitmen are stuck with this young girl that treats them like her two dads. Miri is adorable and much more annoying than Anya. She behaves much more like a child. I have nothing against Anya from Spy x Family, but Miri stole my heart a lot quicker. She’s such a bundle of energy. 

Hold on a second, where did the handsome man from the last episode go?

The two hitmen in this story, Kazuki and Rei, have vastly different personalities but work well together. They’re not ready to deal with a child though. Early on in the story we get glimpses of each of their backstories and they seem like they might be tearjerkers. Both Kazuki and Rei’s personalities are fun, Miri works great and is cheeky as hell and it seems like an all around solid show so far.

I don’t trust you. Not one bit.

So if you’re interested in a fun show with a solid premise and over the top plot then I recommend you don’t sleep on Buddy Daddies. Also, the informant is named Kyuu, which is a cool nod to James Bond, so there’s that. A bit of a short post today since the one I prepared in advance wasn’t very good and I have a bad headache. I’ll see you all again next week with a longer post, hopefully. Thanks for reading.

I do think the title of this series sounds a bit lame, but the show itself is good. Also, the opening bops.

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