Bleach Episode 9 – The Drop

We’re starting off strong. Kyoraku has been named the next Captain Commander after Yamamoto’s passing. Unsurprisingly, he’s not happy about this. He has a meeting with Central 46 who are still as useless and annoying as ever. I wonder if they’re modeled after the US Senate. His plan is to make Zaraki Kenpachi learn Zanjutsu, basically making him unreasonably powerful. And he’s picked someone to do this for him. Captain Unohana from squad four; The first Kenpachi. This reveal was crazy.

I’m avoiding having the preview picture be a spoiler, so have this guy for starters.

After healing in the bath, Ichigo and Renji move on to the next island. I know some people were complaining that last week we didn’t get to see buff Kon, but luckily they didn’t forget about him. After a good bath it’s time for some food. Itadakimasu!
Bleach is now Shokugeki no Soma. Hikifune Kirio explains that they’re getting ready for the upcoming three rituals. Next up: The man who created Zanpakuto. How long have these people been a part of squad zero?

I want her secret to losing weight

We jump back to Soul Society itself, to the lowest level of the underground prison where Zaraki Kenpachi is getting ready to face Unohana Yachiru. Kenpachi vs. Kenpachi. Unohana without her iconic braid looks terrifying. I remember seeing this in the manga as well, she’s way more intense than Zaraki. It also turns out the braid was hiding a scar that Zaraki once gave her. She in turn is responsible for the scar on Zaraki’s face. Kyoraku laments that one of the two will have to die in a clash between Kenpachis. Both lieutenants have been handed a will of sorts and are now awaiting the return of their captains. 

I don’t know who’s scarier, Äs Nödt or Unohana

For a moment they’re evenly matched and they cross blades, even though Zaraki is definitely on the defensive, he’s holding on pretty well. For a moment, that is. Unohana very quickly has the upper hand. She disarms Zaraki and puts her blade to his throat and tells him he’s gotten weaker. Without mercy, Unohana cuts his throat. When he blinks for a moment, he’s suddenly back, without a cut throat. The fight continues. Unohana is absolutely merciless and will heal him whenever he’s about to die in an attempt to make him stronger. 

Lambs to the slaughter, what you’re gonna do when there’s blood in the water.

All in all, not a whole lot happened in this episode. At least it feels like that. We have a new Captain Commander, two captains are fighting to the death and it is more or less revealed that all the people thought dead (Byakuya, Zaraki, Renji and maybe Rukia) are perfectly fine either last or this episode. At this point I started getting confused about what Kubo wanted to do with this arc. It felt like he was going to start slaughtering named characters but then immediately reeled it back in. It felt a bit weird at the time and that sentiment hasn’t changed. Having said all that, I’m still excited to see more Bleach every week.

Poor Isane, I wonder if she knew this day would come.

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