Bleach Episode 5 – Full scale war

It’s time for Bleach! I’ve got a raging headache and a ton of other work and writing to do right now, so let’s dive into it quickly and not waste too much time. We continue where we left off last week, with Ichigo headed to Soul Society. At least that’s the message being spread, they don’t seem to know that Ichigo is having some problems. Just as I’m saying that, Akon figures out that there’s interference, but it might still serve as a nice boost in morale. Jidanbo looks to be brainwashed and attacks the twelfth squad. Still, Rukia has faith in Ichigo.

Jidanbo’s clearly being controlled by someone.

I just realized that the opening song reminds me of Asian Kung-Fu Generation a little bit. Same vibe, more modern.

And just like that, one alphabet warrior down.

Quilge’s “J” stands for jail. Luckily the gang is saved from him by a mysterious stranger. We cut back to pretty boy Byakuya struggling against Äs Nödt. I know talking is a free action in anime, but laying out your plan while the enemy is staring you down might not be smart. I did expect Äs Nödt to have a more feminine voice when I read the manga. Their power is to inflict fear in their enemies. As someone already suffering from anxiety this power wouldn’t work against me. Can’t be more anxious than this am I right? Just me? True fear has no cause. Have some chill, Kubo. You’re scaring me. I suppose that’s the point. Byakuya is not looking too hot, I’ll tell you that much. And now Äs nödt even brings out Senbonzakura against Byakuya. This fight isn’t even close to being fair. And there we go, another iconic panel from the manga. Byakuya, Renji and Rukia are all down and out.

Rukia looking adorable here.
That loooks like it hurts.

Not every captain is struggling as much with their fights. Zaraki Kenpachi has swiftly defeated Stern Ritters Q, R & Y. He came to party and won’t take no for an answer. He attacks Yhwach.
Time to check in on Ichigo. Yeah, he’s still stuck. 

Kusakabe Chojiro’s Bankai

Hisagi is struggling against Stern Ritter “O” Overkill. He’s been going around killing over a hundred soul reapers and reveals he’s responsible for the death of Sasakibe. This claim summons a very, very angry Yamamoto Shigekuni Genryusai. Remember that he only failed to defeat Aizen because doing so would also destroy everyone around him. Stern Ritter “O” uses Sasakibe’s stolen bankai on the captain commander as if to disrespect the man once more after his passing. We now get some nice backstory for the two, the first time we see a younger Yamamoto as well. It’s very interesting to see how Yamamoto got to take the name Genryusai out of love for his subordinate. Being hit with the same man’s bankai like this must be painful. Especially since this clown of a Quincy doesn’t do it justice. Needless to say, “O” gets overkilled.
Yamamoto pleads to slaughter every single rebel. Now that’s a morale boost and a half. 

A young captain commander. “young.”
Pure unfiltered rage.

Let me end this week’s review by once again reminding everyone how cool Kyoraku is. Seriously, he looks so badass here at the end of the episode. Oh, I won’t spoil it here in case you missed it, but there is an after credit scene this week.

You say it like it is!

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