NaNoWriMo Round 2: What’s the plan?

Good evening folks. I’ll be keeping it short and sweet today, since I’ve got to take all the time I have left to mentally prepare for this month of writing way too many words. For those unfamiliar with the concept; NaNoWriMo is a yearly challenge where writers challenge themselves to try and write 50.000 words of a novel or something else in one month. The core idea is to just keep writing without constantly going back to edit what you’ve already written. I’m historically awful at continuing writing a story, but last year I managed to write a pretty solid draft version of the first volume of The Hesitant Hero. This year I’m hoping to do a second volume in the month of November, or at least the first 50.000 words of a draft. That’s probably going to be an even harder challenge, but I’m ready.

What does this mean for this blog? Not terribly much. Posts have slowed down a little bit during October and this was partially so I could prepare for November. My goal is to post 2 to 3 times a week still. The bleach recap continues every week although don’t be too surprised if there’s a day of delay, seeing as my Tuesdays are pretty swamped already without also writing a blogpost and a whole chapter of a story. I’ve got a few posts lined up that I prepared ahead of time, so this shouldn’t be a huge issue.

And then we’ll soon b at the home stretch. I’ve been working on a new schedule that fits better for next year, but I’ll talk about that when the time is right. Until then, check back here for regular updates on my progress and if all goes well (that’s a big if, I’m aware) The Hesitant Hero should return early next year. Are you excited? I’m excited. And stressed. I’m always stressed. Wish me luck and thanks for reading.

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