Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun – Episode 8

Let’s keep it short today as I’m still in a heatwave. Hopefully the last one of the year but I feel like I’ve been saying that for weeks now and it’s never true.
And just like that we’re back in the present day with Reg asking Faputa to help him get Nanachi back. Faputa tears off a limb to give him what he needs because she’s willing to do everything for the promise that Reg made to her that he’s apparently forgotten. Faputa is definitely unhinged and I think we’re all starting to see why. We get reminded of Wazukyan and Vueko’s talk at the end of last week’s episode.
Oh, Kevin Penkin tweeted something about a song, so I’m going to keep my ears open for something extra cool.

Belaf is suffering

After the opening theme we go back to the past. We see Belaf suffering with guilt because he ate one of the children of Irumyuui. Wazukyan on the other hand seems to have no issues with any of this which horrifies Vueko. Irumyuui has turned into what can only be described as a terrifying monster at this point, suffering permanently as her babies are being taken from her over and over again. Let’s not forget that although they are bound to suffer and die, Wazukyan is happily cutting up living babies. Yeah, did I mention that this show is messed up?
Vueko laments the fact that she’s not going insane like the others. Irumyuui still loves Vueko and in the embrace she still feels Irumyuui’s heartbeat. It’s tough to watch.

Wazukyan using another one of these really solidifies him as a horrifying villain

Inside of Irumyuui’s…. Birthing scar, Vueko finds a secondary cradle of desire that Wazukyan apparently put there. Maybe Irumyuui wasn’t the one who wished for this after all, and Wazukyan is the one behind it. The entire village follows Irumyuui to a strange place, not knowing what’s going to happen. Several of them get snatched up and die. Even though these people had no place to live before they went here, I feel like this was definitely not a good place to go. Irumyuui is now a borderline eldritch horror. I really feel for both Belaf and Vueko, they have such horrible regret for their actions. And it wasn’t even their actions, it was mainly Wazukyan. But unfortunately life in the abyss isn’t always fair. Irumyuui warps once more and Belaf steps inside her, turning into the serpent form he has in the current timeline. Vueko attempts to end it all, but is thwarted by Wazukyan. Vueko is now locked up where she’s freed by Riko in the modern day. We finally see Irumyuui’s wish come to fruition. A final child, one that doesn’t die immediately. This is how Faputa was born. And this explains the rage that Faputa has towards the world, immediately killing the interference units that approach her. 

Poor Faputa.

As I mentioned, let’s keep it short. I didn’t find the particular song that might have been special for this episode, but I was also fully enthralled by what was going on. The story is still incredibly sad. Riko now knows what happened in the past. Faputa wants to destroy this village. In my opinion rightfully so. Wazukyan sacrificed so much and so many for the village to become what it is today and seems to have very little regret about any of it. This show is messed up. It’s also going at a lightning fast pace. I’m starting to think it can adapt this entire arc into one season. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, but the first 8 episodes have been very solid in my opinion. But that’s my opinion, I’d like to hear yours too! Thanks for reading.

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