Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun – Episode 7

It’s time for more Made in Abyss. We jump back in time to the three sages and their party reaching the Golden City. They meet up with several interference units who wish to learn more from the humans. It sounds like they’re a perfect match. Vueko reminisces about the things they learned and how cruel of a place this truly is. Friendly reminder that all of this stuff happens in Volume 8. Using the hollow that they found they tested if the elevator could go back up again and boy oh boy do we know the answer to that. They’re now stuck in this golden city at the bottom of the abyss and as we’ve all learned, they never did manage to leave this place. The interference units can come and go though, but since they’re not affected by the curse they also don’t know how far humans can go up and down. This is also a reminder that kind seeming Belaf turned into the weird snake like creature that’s eating Mitty’s brains for a snack. Irumyuui, the little girl they picked up on this island, knows a little bit about this place, but not much more. They find a strange animal and decide to keep it. 

What a lovely, adorable duo, I’m sure nothing terrible will happen to either of them.

As time goes on, the humans slowly start to adapt to their environment, procuring water and food. Irumyuui recounts her traumatic childhood to Vueko because she can’t have children. Neither can Vueko apparently. As if to make matters worse, the cute animal they found only recently gets eaten by one of the dragonoid creatures. Remember folks, this anime is suffering and nothing but suffering. Not long after this, Irumyuui gets very ill and she’s not the only one.. A bunch of people start pooping small eggs and one person’s foot looks like it’s melted. When it rains it pours. The food survey team dies, only three of them make it back, looking like part trees and dying soon after coming back. Turns out the water is also unhealthy for them. They’re still putting some level of faith into Wazukyan even though he’s clearly lost it at this point. Things are looking dire for the sages. Their drinking water is a living organism that doesn’t die when boiled. To top it all off, one of the members of the food survey team comes back with a strange relic that even the interference units have never seen before. They learn it’s the cradle of desire and it grants a wish. A juvenile is needed to ingest the egg and wish with it. As the people are getting more and more ill, the sages start getting desperate. 

I know it’s because I’m rewatching Bleach, but that strand of hair makes me think of Aizen’s manipulative nature.

And there we have it, Wazukyan’s face is showing his desperation and his lack of sanity clearly now. They decide to have Irumyuui use the cradle of the desire to fix the people living in the village. Having absorbed the egg, Irumyuui starts feeling better immediately although her hand still looks very messed up. More people die and they start wondering how the wish will turn out. And oh man does she not turn out well. She’s starting to hollowfy and looks like a mess. Turns out the cradle of desire has a monkey paw effect to it. Who would have guessed a relic from a cruel place like this would have a cruel effect on those using it. Irumyuui gives birth to a strange creature that literally burrows out of her chest. At least she finally has a child, oh wait, never mind, it dies the next day. Remember how I’ve been saying repeatedly that this manga is ridiculously messed up. Not long after a second baby gets born and dies. And a third, and many more. This is where the story went from sad to beyond cruel for me. Everyone’s in pain and dying. What did Wazukyan see that makes all this suffering worth it? Here’s where we thank Kevin Penkin once more for a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack to accompany all of this misery.
While Vueko is in dire straits she gets fed a delicious meal by Wazukyan that helps her recover. Finally things are going well for the people. What do you think was in that meal? What strange meat could heal people from this disaster? Oh, of course it’s Irumyuui’s dead children.


I think it’s now safe to say that this is the most messed up story I’ve ever read to the point where I considered dropping it several times during this arc. It’s haunting, it’s gruesome, but it’s also extremely gripping and I feel that I need to know just where it will go next. As strange as it is, it’s so rare for a story to be unpredictable to such an extreme that from page to page I have no idea what to expect. After this episode I’m extremely curious what people think about the story so far? Are you still continuing to watch it or is it getting too much? Let me know in the comments down below.

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