My issue with late sequels

A short post today since it’s a billion degrees this week and I have other stuff I need to get done. This season we’ve got sequels to Danmachi, Overlord and The devil is a part-timer, amongst others. Danmachi last had a season 2 years ago which is relatively recent, but still a while ago. Overlord III aired in 2018 according to My Anime List. And lastly, The devil is a part-timer had it’s first season air all the way back in 2013, nine years ago.
We’re even slated to get a third season of Spice & Wolf after around a decade. 

At least Overlord never stopped having banger opening songs

That brings me to the question I have for my readers. What do you think of anime getting a sequel after more than two or three years? I know Danmachi did a pretty good recap episode leading up to this season which allowed me to remember a lot of what happened when we last watched it, but I have no idea what the last season of Overlord looked like. The devil is a part timer is a bit more iconic so at least I still remembered the core plot, but some of the characters were completely lost on me. I like that we’re getting sequels to these popular franchises, but I do feel that a lot gets lost due to the time difference. We even ran into that problem with Attack on Titan back in the day. There’s a limit to how long people will keep being invested in your franchise especially with how many good shows there are these days. I think it’s a real shame and any show doing a new season after more than two or three years almost owes it to their viewers to air a recap episode. With how many good shows there are, I don’t have the time to go back and watch three seasons of Overlord just so I can understand what season four of Overlord is going to tell us. It’s for this reason that I’m not even watching the new Utawarerumono even though I remember thoroughly enjoying the previous season. I just don’t really know who’s who anymore, so when I started the first episode up I was utterly lost.

My shiny teeth and me!

But that might just be me, maybe you guys think very differently about it and are so happy that these sequels are even here in the first place. Let me know in the comments down below which I will check from my chair outside in the shade. Thanks for reading and if you’re in my part of the world, remember to stay hydrated!

2 thoughts on “My issue with late sequels

  1. It’s interesting because you never see this over here unless it’s a reboot or new series based on an old property, not generally continuing the same story. I don’t mind it — if it’s a story I remember that I actually want to continue, I’m glad to see it return, and if it’s not I ignore it. Honestly surprised Spice and Wolf is back after so long but I’m happy about it.

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    1. That’s a pretty good way of approaching it. I have this annoying habit where if I’ve started a series I really want to watch the rest of it, for completionists sake. Not always a good idea. Having said that, after a couple of Overlord episodes it is getting better again, so there’s that too

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