A small update

Hello, and I hope you’re all having a good Monday. I am having a pretty decent day so far. I did laundry, groceries and even some cleaning. My room is nice and clean again, and so is most of the house. I’ve always liked cleaning the house, it’s like a substitute for doing something useful with your day, except you’re actually doing something useful with your day. So that’s always pretty neat. But I’m not here today to talk about cleaning the house. Unless you guys are into that, I could talk about it some more. I just reminded myself of a bit that Jon Richardson did on 8 out of 10 cats where he wrote (part of) an erotic novel around cleaning. It was one of the weirdest and funniest bits on that show, and there have been some amazing bits. Let’s move on though.

I’ve been doing Off-topic mostly weekly for a while now and quite frankly I’ve run out of topics. I find myself writing random things and in some cases just update posts just so I can keep busy. I’m going to stop doing that. I still want to write about random things, and as a matter of fact I’m likely posting something next Monday either way, so you’ve got that to look forward to. Maybe. I’m losing focus again. What I want to say is that the schedule is going to go through some changes over the next few weeks. Off-topic will no longer be a weekly thing and my book club is going on a hiatus after Spice & Wolf Volume 7. So Mondays might see less traffic than before for a while.

As for anime and manga content, my current plan is to keep up to three posts a week. I have some ideas for a long running series that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now that might start up in the near future. No promises but it is about One Piece. I finally got my manga back from my cousin as well, so that’s nice too. I’m going to continue doing a weekly episode recap for a show. Made in Abyss has been fun to do, because I have the manga alongside it. I might do Bleach afterwards. And the third post, as always, will be something random. 

As for my weekly stories, it does seem like Hesitant Hero is coming to an end. I want to split it up into volumes and the first volume should end right after the harvest festival. I predict three or four more chapters before I round things off. I have the ending ready and I am already planning for the next volume, but that might take a while. When Hesitant Hero ends I will take a short break from weekly stories, but I hope to fill the rest of the downtime in between Hesitant Hero volumes with other stories. I hope to bring back The Necromancer’s Daughter. I’m working on rewriting and editing some of it. I also have a few more ideas for stories that I want to write out, but definitely expect a little bit less output than weekly.

And that’s really it for this update. If all goes well, not too much changes except for a few less posts now and then. I am starting uni again in a month, and my internship starts in three weeks. I’ll be teaching English again, which is going to be exciting and scary, since so much time has passed since I last taught. I am teaching a lot closer to home this time around, cutting my travel time in half, if not in three. And if things go poorly, the hospital is right across the street from where I teach, so that’s nice. I will have less time to write posts than I have had the past two years. I haven’t had a super busy schedule ever since I started blogging, so I’m curious to see how it will be to keep up. So as always, I’m not going to make any big promises, just my guesses on how things will go. For those of you who have been reading my stories, my anime content, or just my rants about life in general, I appreciate you greatly and you’re the reason I’m still actively blogging every week. If you have any general feedback for me, please leave a comment down below and thinks for reading!

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