Spice & Wolf Volume 6 Review

We took a little bit of a hiatus but here’s volume 6. Before we dive into it, I do have to say I’ve read it in batches over a long time so some of my memories of it are a little bit spotty. I’m going to try my best to cover it properly though and I’m keeping it short because although this was a pretty fun volume when all was said and done, not terribly much happened.

We pick up right at the end of the previous volume. To give a quick recap, Lawrence joined forces with Eve to make a massive amount of money but was betrayed at the very last moment. Luckily he came out of it alive and with enough funds to buy back Holo from the slavers he’d given her to as leverage. A messy situation all things considered but the two are still alive and not completely broke. Holo is furious at what Eve did to Lawrence and vows to get her back. And so our two main characters set off to the harbor to find a ship that can sail them further north, after Eve. 

Quickly finding a ship, captained by a man named Ragusa, they make their way upstream. At a toll stop they encounter a young boy, Col, who has been swindled and is trying to get on a boat with papers he bought that turned out to be false. Luckily, Holo and Lawrence decide to help the kid out and pretend they know him. Thus Col joins Lawrence and Holo on their journey north. 

Arguably not a lot happens in this volume. Holo and Lawrence grow closer, which I can go in depth about, but is more fun to read for yourself. Col shows that he’s a clever kid and has a bright future ahead. Ragusa kind of wants him as an apprentice but Col shows no interest.

There’s a sunken ship in the way which causes a lot of the ships to be stuck and our friends have to take a break. Lawrence even has to walk through some fields to make room on the ship for a while. Joined by Col on this walk, they talk a bit here and there before meeting up with Ragusa at the sunken ship. The merchants and sailors try to get the ship out of the water, but it’s a massive waterlogged ship so of course they can’t get it out.

After a night of partying instead, they all wake up hungover. Col, Holo and Lawrence have a talk about gods, and how they’ve been looking for the fossilized leg of a dead wolf god. Holo and Lawrence both realize there’s probably more truth to this story than Col thinks. Their conversation gets cut short by some strange sounds that are identified as a ship getting loose and about to crash into the other ships. All the sailors jump up to deal with it quickly though, with Ragusa in the lead.

After saying goodbye to Ragusa and Col, they continue their journey towards Yoitsu where they will eventually part ways. After a little bit Col comes after them to join them. They agree and show him Holo’s true form which definitely scares him. He then tells them the secret behind the missing coins. And now our duo has become a trio.

I didn’t enjoy this volume as much as some of the earlier ones if I’m honest. I’m still going to read the next one, because it consists of side stories which could be interesting. But let me know how you felt about this volume. Did you think it’s getting a bit repetitive too, or is that just me? Either way, thanks for reading!

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