The inside outtakes

So for those of you unaware, Bo Burnham recently posted an outtakes video to his special “Inside” It was a lot of material that just wasn’t used during the special but still interesting to watch. I watched the entire thing and thought it was pretty funny, but obviously it didn’t have the same kind of quality as the special itself. It did give us two new songs though, which I want to take a quick moment to talk about.

First let’s talk about the song “Five Years.” Five years tells the story of a relationship that’s still going strong after five years. It talks about the small things in a relationship that can be annoying. The first example given is about sharing food. This is a huge pet peeve of mine that I struggle with. I have no issue with sharing with others per se. But if I expect to have a certain amount of food/drink for myself and then that changes, that can really annoy me. If I know there’ll be people, I’ll just get more food/drinks to cover everyone. So I’d like to think it’s less selfishness and more dealing with expectations. Am I weird for that? Bo doesn’t seem to think so, at least.

I also love the spider joke about feminism. I’m terrified of spiders as well so if a partner told me to be a man and deal with it I’d tell them to piss off as well. Maybe more politely than that.

What’s most interesting about this song to me personally, which is a bit off-topic, is that I’ve seen many reviewers say that it’s reminiscent of Drake’s music. I can definitely see why that is, but even though I think Drake’s music is extremely overrated and very uninteresting I do like this song a lot. I suppose it’s the comedy and Bo’s voice that make it click for me, but I thought it was interesting that I liked it even though this style of music really isn’t for me generally. 

The little voicemail at the start of the song is funny as well, with Bo expressing the feeling we often get when people ask questions. Why didn’t you Google it yourself? I don’t know most things, and a search website is your best friend in that case. Can I just say that the ability to quickly search for any information is just incredible. My dad had to fix the kitchen walls before adding in a new kitchen and he just put up a guide on Youtube and voila. It’s crazy. The internet and its borderline unlimited library of information has to be the most impressive advancement we’ve done in a while.

All in all, this song is great but I can see why it doesn’t fit in the special itself. I think Bo’s idea behind it was to describe a relationship while being inside, but it feels more general than that, if that makes sense. This song doesn’t feel like it’s part of the greater narrative of inside. It’s just describing a relationship in a normal time. All of Inside’s songs are more relevant to the pandemic in my opinion. Still a very solid song.

The second song released is the very melancholic “The chicken.”

The story talks about a chicken, unsurprisingly, who is unhappy in her life. She has big dreams but she’s a mother of two and stuck in this relationship. The husband’s screams give me the idea that it’s not a happy relationship. She makes her great escape.

She then crosses the terrifying road between her and her dream. It’s left ambiguous what happens to the chicken, if she makes it across or not. 

I’m not feeling this song as much as the other one if I’m honest. The message doesn’t really jive with me and the song itself isn’t my style either. I think out of all the songs we’ve heard from the special and the outtakes, this is probably my least favorite. I’ve seen other people say this would have been a great addition to the special which I think is cool. Art is dead, I mean subjective, so it’s only logical that people have a different opinion on things. At the end of the day, Bo decided this song was good enough to release but not as a part of the special itself. I think that was probably the right decision.

I can go for a few years on the content that Bo gave us with all of this. I even ordered some of his new merch, which I’m very happy about. It’ll arrive next month. Quick tangent, but why the hell do American websites show prices before taxes? It’s so dumb. Once you factor in VAT and shipping the price almost doubles. Is this how they trick people into buying more expensive things than they want or can Americans just do quick math in their head and add the VAT? Over here in Europe the price on the ticket is the price you pay. Oh well, I don’t buy from the US a lot so it’s rarely an issue, but that makes it  that much more of a surprise when it does happen.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on the two new songs by Bo. He’s one of my favorite, if not my all time favorite, comedians, so I’m always very happy when he uploads something. There’s more songs from the album on Spotify as well but I feel like the videos add so much more that I only considered talking about the ones on Youtube today. Let me know what you think about them and as always, thanks for reading.

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