I’m taking a break

Good morning, afternoon, evening everyone. I’ve been doing three to four posts a week for the past four months now. It’s been going reasonably well and I’m very proud of how much I’ve been writing. I’ve passed 100.000 words for the year already and I’m keeping up the pace to get a much more productive year than last year. Which is at this point my most productive year so far, so that’s a pretty high bar. Obviously not counting the years where I was so much younger and had way more energy and free time than these days. 

So I’ve decided to take a week off. Yesterday I posted the fifteenth chapter of my new series The Hesitant Hero, roughly marking a halfway point in the first novel. The second half is going to require a lot more editing and changing. I wrote this story mainly during NaNoWriMo last year and towards the end of the month I was definitely more focused on the word count and less focused on things like continuity and actually writing a good ending. So that’s going to take some work.

I also hope to take the bit of extra time to finally go through the first 10 chapters of The Necromancer’s Daughter and organize them a bit better. I wrote some notes for chapters 11-15, which I’m scrapping completely and starting over. I might still do the same for chapters 8-10, but I’m not sure yet. It’s a story I’ve been working on for so long now that it feels really difficult to get it right. But once I get through this part of the story, I have big plans for the next part, so I’d love to get there and write a bit more. 

For those wondering why I’m no longer posting short stories, I have a disappointing answer. I’ve written three short stories in the past half a year or so. None of them were good. The short story I wrote before those three is what ended up becoming The Hesitant Hero so that was definitely more successful. I’m working on a spin-off for that as well, which is more true to the original short story I wrote, but that’s definitely a long term project. My main priority right now is finish the second half of The Hesitant Hero and once it’s all done find a way to get it published. This is my first time writing a complete story and I’m quite excited. 

After my break I want to return with a new schedule. This will start on May second. I’ll post it on my homepage before then, but it’ll likely be a Monday/Wednesday/Friday type thing. Four posts a week felt like too much, so I’m toning it down a little bit so I can focus on quality some more. I will return to posting on May second, and in my first week back there’ll be a review of Spice & Wolf volume 5 as well as chapter sixteen of The Hesitant Hero for you all to enjoy, so look forward to that. I’ll see you all after my break and as always, thanks for reading!

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