Small tasks are harder than large tasks (sometimes).

One of the reasons I wanted to do a weekly blogpost about a completely random topic is because sometimes I just need to vent about life. And this is the perfect avenue to do so. I’ve been studying to become an English teacher for several years now. The past two years my progress has come to more or less a standstill. There’s a few small assignments I need to finish before I can start my final year which is a ton of work. And for some reason I just cannot for the life of me find the motivation to do these assignments.

There’s a piece of advice that’s often given about being unable to do work, and that’s to turn a big task into smaller tasks, and that’s a good piece of advice most of the time. But sometimes I feel like a small task is much harder to achieve than a large task. For example, if I need to do an entire course worth of assignments, I’ll have to plan them out, do them one piece at a time and work my way towards a passing grade. Now that I’m doing one assignment, I find myself pushing it forward repeatedly. This will go on until I eventually need to rush it at the last second and will risk it not being good enough, or having forgotten part of it.

And that’s a big problem. If all you’re doing is one assignment, then that means the entire year is lost if you can’t pass that one assignment. It causes stress and the stress makes it harder to get to work on the task. See the problem? So here I am, writing about not completing the small, simple tasks in front of me, while putting off said tasks again.

I guess my question to the readers is; do you have any tips? And do you ever run into the same problem? What do you do then?

Sorry for the short post today (and possibly tomorrow), I’ve been working on a new short story instead of preparing for the week’s blog posts. 

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