The Necromancer’s Daughter Chapter 1-7 recap

I’ve struggled writing the chapters 8-10 of The Necromancer’s Daughter for a while now. I took some time off from it to write The Hesitant Hero which started being posted weekly yesterday. I’m refining that and hoping to get it published somewhere this or next year, that’s still a lot of effort and research away. I’ve been wanting to come back to this story too, since it’s been the thing I’ve worked on for a very long time. Starting next week, The Necromancer’s Daughter makes a return with chapter 8, followed by one new chapter every month. For those of you who’ve read along so far, I appreciate you so very much. To spare those who want to hop into the series again having to re-read any chapters, here’s a quick recap of what happened so far in the story. I understand that my chaotic posting pattern has severely hurt people’s interest in this series, but I hope you’ll give it another chance.

Liari spent her entire life growing up deep in the Celeran Canopy, a forest in the south-east of the continent. Raised by a friendly wizard and some of the other people living at the Foxire Library she lived a life of peace, tranquility and studying. One day she found out that Fesquera, the wizard, was actually her father. Above all that, a letter revealed that he had passed away. At the same time, a princess from the nearby kingdom of Fyrston, named Charlotte, appeared at the library, asking for Fesquera’s help. With both young women being at a low point in their life, and the one person they expected support from leaving them with more questions than answers, they decided to make way towards the Arcane Archipelago, a group of islands just off the coast of the Fyrston empire, where the Astrianara Academy is located. Fesquera was once an archmage teaching there, and they hope to find some clues about his life there.

Meanwhile a slave auction is happening in a seaside city in Fyrston. Lisanna, who was Fesquera’s apprentice for a while, is present on the pirate ship that is planning to stir up this auction. Things don’t quite go as planned when a girl with seemingly magic powers is led onto the stage. The girl, Danae, was struck by lightning in what seemed to be more than just a freak accident. With one of the most powerful mages on the continent passing away a power vacuum appears and things behind the scenes start to shift as we enter a new age of magic and deceit. With Meleorana Cane colluding with the Emerald Jesters in the underbelly of the capital city and the girl with the fox ears finally leaving her safe home in the forest, things are about to get interesting. We continue the story as the pirates make way for a new home, and ponder their moral choices in life. See you here next week, hopefully!

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