Introducing “The Hesitant Hero”

Alongside The Necromancer’s Daughter, which has been my main fantasy novel I’ve been working on for well over a decade now, slowly learning and getting better until one day I’ll be happy about it, I’ve written a second story. I’ve been at least somewhat obsessed with the Isekai genre of anime. For those who aren’t familiar, Isekai stories are generally about someone from our world being either teleported, trapped or reincarnated in a different world, often of the fantasy variety. It’s a very saturated genre right now, but to quote the genius Bo Burnham: “We’ll stop beating this dead horse when it stops spitting out money.”
Of course, doing a carbon copy of something that’s been done a million times wouldn’t be interesting, so I decided to put my spin on it a little bit. Here’s a preview of what you can expect from this series, that’ll be coming out here on this blog most every Thursday.

Cobal Blueyerd, third prince of the Blueyerd Kingdom was appointed as the personal guide to the newly summoned hero. This ancient ritual that had been successfully attempted by the kingdom once before, a long time ago, would bring forward a new warrior to fight against the encroaching problems that have been encircling the kingdom from all directions. Pirates have been harrowing the coast, the Kingdoms to the north have been eyeing up the borders for a while and most importantly the creatures living in the Feral wildlands, the large unexplored center of the continent, have been getting more and more aggressive. 
But plans don’t always go as expected. Instead of a mighty warrior, the ritual summoned a young woman with no combat experience. To make things worse, the world she came from hadn’t really experienced combat in the way Cobal’s world has in a long time. No monsters, no fighting over borders, no pirates. And this new hero, Lady Mana, seems to be hesitant about becoming a hero. It’s almost as if she knows something that the rest of them don’t. Nonetheless, Cobal accompanies her as she travels through the kingdom, with a suspiciously clear direction for someone who doesn’t know this world at all. What is Lady Mana hiding? How will her knowledge of different cultures from a foreign world benefit her here, as she learns about magic and the history of the Blueyerd Kingdom alongside Cobal? Follow their journey from one end of the kingdom to the other!

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