Tensura Season 2 (Part 2) – Episode 5

So as most of you will have noticed, I forgot to write a review next week. I even posted on twitter that it would be there a day later, and then I ended up completely forgetting about it. In my defense, I had a party and I had planned to play Dungeons & Dragons with some uni friends, so I hope you can forgive me. To make up for it, today’s review will cover a quick recap of what happened last week. I was also going to make this review longer, but after watching the episode I figured you guys aren’t looking for another wall of text about the same extended meeting.

Manga is still important. Can I just say that I love everyone’s outfit here.

Intrigue continued as Ramiris finally got to her warning. Clayman is trying to start a war by blaming Demon Lord Carrion and Demon Lord Rimuru for killing Myuran. Miuran? Mjurran? I’ve seen several translations in the subs, but I’ll be going with Myuran for the time being. Unbeknownst to him, Myuran is far from dead. Having said that, it’s just an excuse to slaughter the people in Eurazania, which Rimuru realizes too late, as they all assumed Tempest would be his target. Carrion is trying to ascend to True Demon Lord by doing something similar to what Rimuru did with the Falmuth people, if I understand correctly. This is the gist of what you missed last week, but I assume most of you reading this also watched the episode, and know this already. Moving on to this week’s episode:

You’re not wrong, but you’re also wrong.

We get a lot of dialogue from Raphael this episode and we’re once again reminded how terrifyingly powerful she is. WIthout her, Rimuru would just be a slime with some powerful friends, but her knowledge and ingenuity is ridiculous, it completely elevates Rimuru’s capabilities. This time around she teaches him a method to teleport entire armies across the world. I went through the reddit thread earlier to see what people were saying about Raphael, and one commenter said that Rimuru acknowledged in the light novel that Megiddo, his amazing but overpowered attack from last season, was probably easy enough to counter once his enemies learned about it. I’m hoping there’s restrictions in place for this mass teleport as well. I like my overpowered main characters, but there needs to be balance.

Oh dear.

Let’s move on to Walpurgis, shall we? This meeting between demon lords that is about to take place should be very interesting to watch. We’ve learned about several demon lords at this point, and Rimuru remarks that Leon Cromwell should be present. We could also learn more about Milim’s situation, and as a matter of fact, we get a little bit of insight into that later in this episode. The ones to look out for are Demon Lords Frey and Clayman, who seem to be on the same side with Milim, although why they are working together is unclear still. There’s also the vampire from a few episodes ago as well as the newly awakened blond lady working with Yuuki, who’s name I forget. We talk for a while as Rimuru decides on who goes where during this operation. Eventually they decide on him bringing Shion and Ranga, while sending Diablo off to Falmuth and leaving Veldora to guard town. I get the feeling that the author is planning to use Veldora as comic relief for a while, since he’s so powerful he would probably ruin the balance of the story if he showed up continuously. But I could be wrong on that.

Future Target, Leon Cromwell
We meet these two forces of personality, working for Milim.

Yamza, one of Clayman’s strongest underlings is here with his army and they’ve been forced to take care of them. We learn thatt Hermes and Middray are not happy with this, and don’t believe Milim is doing this of her own free will. Yamza cuts off Hermes arm which gets quickly healed by Middray after Yamza is out of sight. I’m curious to see how strong these two are when they’re actually trying. They seem to be stronger than they’re letting on. Also, one of them is a melon, which is fun.

Same, where is she at?

After we finish at Milim’s camp Rimuru and Raphael get the idea to transport all the people in Eurazania to safety. The army isn’t the only thing they can transport, after all. They quickly go around and bring everyone to safety in Tempest, which is a smart idea. We are then introduced to the army, of which I will post several images below. Seeing scenes like these are always interesting to me, because I find that shonen anime struggle to kill off named characters, but don’t mind killing heaps of fodder. It always feels a bit dishonest to me when one named character dies and the entire army is in shock, but when Billy from Platoon 69 dies off screen no one bats an eyelid (looking at you, Naruto). We’ll see where this is headed. As much as Tensura is shaping to be one of my favorite shows in a long time, it’s not without its imperfections. Next week should be the confrontation that we’ve been preparing for for 5 episodes now, so that’s very exciting.

Eurazania’s forces
The Goblin Riders, led by Gobta
Benimaru and the ogres.
The 4000 CGI Hobgoblins, who are probably going to end up as fodder.
Geld and his high orcs
Gabiru’s squad tops it off, bringing the tolal army size to 20.000 soldiers.
I actually like this, making the revived people like their own venegeful squad. I’m happy to see Gobzo alive and well!

And with that we have an overview of the entire army. I can’t wait for next week. Tensura has some very likeable characters, which I think is one of the points it really shines in. Ignoring the CGI troops which definitely look out of place, this episode got me excited as hell! I can’t wait, and I hope to see you all here next week!

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