Tensura Season 2 (Part 2) – Episode 3

It’s that time of the week again, and by that time of the week I mean I’m one day late please don’t fire me, I have children to feed. (I don’t). Moving on, we continue more or less where we left off last week. Ramiris showed up to tell them they were in trouble, and pretty much no one took her particularly seriously. Fuze points out that after seeing the return of Veldora, not much can shock him anymore. Ramiris brags about how strong she is and how she could probably take out Veldora in one punch. Rookie mistake, Ramiris.

And she’s out, cue opening theme.

There’s going to be a lot of lore-dumping and talking in this episode that isn’t particularly interesting to read about on a blog, so I’m going to keep this week’s post a bit shorter if I can. The episode is called Ramiris’ warning, but we start off by talking about the different countries and their alliances. To sum up what happens, they blame everything on Falmuth accidentally waking up Veldora, and Youm and Rimuru making a deal with Veldora to keep him from going on a rampage. Veldora is just vibing in the background, I love this dragon. 

Manga are more fun than meetings.

This is where the alliance against Clayman really starts. With Rimuru and Tempest at its head, they hatch the plan to make Youm the new king of Falmuth. They’ll release the old king and basically extort him for so much money that he’ll refuse to pay. They’ll then start a propaganda campaign to get Youm’s popularity on the rise. Gazel tests Youm’s mettle and finds him good enough. In his own way.

Tsundere Youm. It’s not like I want to be king or anything, baka!

To make a long story short. Rimuru allies himself and Tempest with Dwargon, Eurazania and the beastfolk, the new kingdom of Falmuth under Youm’s reign. Fuze quickly signs Blumund up to join the party. After the amount of shock he recieved today it’s good of him that he’s still managing to do his job. Gobta falls asleep, should have borrowed some of Veldora’s manga. The last one to join the club is the Sorcerous Empire of Thallion. Elalude seems to be the more sane one here. But he seems like a good guy. He questions the other leaders but ends up joining as well. This is a big alliance we have going here.

It’s a valid question, he doesn’t know Rimuru’s a good guy.
Thallion has joined the party!

Finally, we get a look behind the curtains at Clayman’s vacation home. I know he’s supposed to be an edgy villain, but man he really looks the part. The wine, the total disdain for other people, not to mention the mountaintop home that looks like an evil castle. Could this guy be any more clear about his alignment in life? I personally prepare villains who are more morally grey, or the kind that just vibes instead of being angsty all the time. But that isn’t Clayman. Milim is still on his payroll, but I wonder where her loyalties lie once Rimuru gets involved. The other clowns seem to look down upon him. It’s good to know that Miuran’s surviving went unnoticed. And Clayman is trying to use her death as an excuse to start a fight. Little does he know.

This is interesting, it insinuates that he’s being manipulated.

Clayman tells Laplace that that is ridiculous and that he only listens to Kazaream and the one he’s indebted to. I assume the latter is Yuuki? Laplace warns him to not take Milim lightly, and these two statements don’t sit well with Clayman. He’s quite arrogant and it shows. We roll credits and that’s the end of this week’s episode. We’re still building up towards the next arc, but that was to be expected with how action heavy the first cour was. There’s still a bunch of questions I hope to get answered this season. What is Diablo’s plan. Is he really just all aboard the Rimuru train, or is he looking for an opportunity? Why is Milim working with Clayman? They’ve been on good terms for a while, but why? There must be a reason. And lastly, what is the church going to do. They have the demon lord who’s like a vampire, and Hinata Sakaguchi, so they have some strong people on their side. I wonder if they’re the ones manipulating Clayman? I hope we learn more next week.

Physically present, mentally absent. Just like me most days.

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