An Update

Hello everyone. It’s been almost eight months since I started writing for this blog (I started a little bit before I actually started uploading in an attempt to be ahead of schedule). To everyone who’s followed, liked, commented and read my posts, thank you! It really means a lot to me. In this time I’ve gone from uploading once every few weeks, to weekly, to three times a week. I’ve been really enjoying writing more than before. I’ve kept to my strict schedule of writing 1000 words every day so far, despite it getting difficult from time to time.

As most people have been struggling with health in some form since the start of the pandemic, so have I. It turns out when seasonal depression meets pandemic depression meets regular old depression, things can get a bit rough. I miss hanging out with friends. I miss travelling. I’d just started going to friends in Northern Ireland recently and I was really looking forward to doing this more often. Having said that, at the end of the day I’m doing this for me. So I’m taking it slow for the foreseeable future.

What does this mean for the blog?
Not too much, honestly. I will probably miss a few posts here and there, like I have been the past two weeks. I’ll keep it to a minimum, but the type of content might be a bit more chaotic for a while. I’m also working on making it easier to find old posts and a more organized layout. I like what I have now, but it’s more suited for a small amount of content.
It does mean that the Necromancer’s Daughter is on break for a little bit longer. I’m hoping to have chapter 6 done next Monday or the week after, but I’m not promising that. I know it’ll be hard to keep up with the story if there’s so much time between chapters, but since this chapter focuses on Danae, a completely new character, I think the timing might be alright. It launches into a new arc that I’m still developing. I finally figured out something I was struggling with, so that will be exciting to write soon.
There might be a post missing on Wednesday, but I’ll definitely be back on Friday for another volume of The Ancient Magus Bride.

To add a bit of a positive vibe to this piece of text, I have been enjoying music a lot lately, and I’ve been finding some new songs here and there. For starters, I highly recommend the song Build a bitch by Bella Poarch. I’m not very well versed in things like TikTok and Instagram, I’m pretty much a boomer when it comes to that stuff, but one of the streamers I frequently watch, Valkyrae, posted a behind the scenes filming of this music video. It is amazing and you should definitely give it a watch. It also sends a great message, which is always good.

And that’s really it for today. I’ll try to avoid doing too many update posts like this, since they’re not particularly interesting. I admit it’s a bit of filler since I’m unable to keep to my schedule, but you can cut me some slack right? In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying the slowly improving weather. It’s still raining here a lot, but there is more sun, and it’s even nice weather to sit outside from time to time. We have a fairly new lounge set in the backyard where I hope to do a lot of reading and writing over the summer. I have some fun ideas that I hope to share in the future.

So yeah, look forward to an updated schedule and website in the near future. This might take a few weeks, but I am working on it. Thanks for your continued support and patience, it’s a huge motivation when I know people are viewing my writing!

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