April 2021 – Monthly Playlist

April has been a very strange month to me. Where I discovered some health issues I had back in March, I spent more time dealing with (and stressing about) them during April. Luckily it seems like everything that’s long-term seems to be rolling, even though waiting lists during covid are ridiculously long. Fortunately some of the issues I’ve had (chest pains, worry about lumps) are slowly vanishing. Turns out some people just have random lumps of fat below their skin. Who would have thought.

Anyway, the one or two of you actually reading this aren’t here to hear about my lumps. At least I think not, if you are, leave a comment down below though. Because of this, I have struggled with putting effort in other things because health became a bit more important. So I realized that I hadn’t really added many songs, much less cohesion in which songs I’ve picked. I promise to have a more proper theme for next month though, I already have some ideas.

As for the things I did add this month, they can be put into three categories. The first one is the two songs that play in the anime Violet Evergarden. It’s not like I recently watched this anime or anything, but I realized one of the songs was by TRUE, which I featured a song of last month. Fantastic voice and both songs are great. 

I also added a few older Kanye West songs. I’m definitely not a huge fan of Kanye in general and a lot of his newer music isn’t really my style. He did however have an album called graduation back in 2007 that I absolutely loved. There’s amazing songs on there, with the song “Good Morning” being one of my favorites.

Wake up Mister West, Mister West, Mister Fresh, Mister by himself he’s so impressed.

I wonder if it’s around this time when Kanye’s opinion of himself started skyrocketing.

The rest of the songs I have on this playlist are mostly songs I came across while watching RoomieOfficial on youtube. I know, it’s not the most flashy way to find new music, but I think it’s a great source to remember which songs I used to like but I’ve forgotten about. I’ve also gone back quite a bit to listen to last month’s playlist. I’m still in awe at how good Machine Gun Kelly’s album Tickets to my downfall really was.

So yeah, I think that’s all I have to say about it. Here’s the playlist and I promise it’ll have more substance next month.

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