The Ancient Magus Bride Volume 2 | The Ancient Magus' Bride Vol. 3 (ebook), Kore Yamazaki |  9781642752342 | Boeken
It’s raining. (I couldn’t find a high-res picture, but I think this is still better than a photo)

Hello everyone! Did you find the time to read volume 2 over the past week? I had to go to the doctors and I’ve been sleeping a bit poorly, so I often chose to let myself be distracted by video games instead of reading and writing. That, and the looming deadlines for essays for uni took a lot of energy. Luckily those are all behind me now (for better or worse) for a while and I can focus on reading and writing again. (and games, let’s not fool ourselves). Either way, I’m reading the second volume as I’m writing this, so let’s jump straight into it.

Chapter 6 picks up right where we left off last volume with Chise being taken hostage by Renfred and Alice. Renfred taunts Elias without much success. Chise, the king of cats and the Ariel then dive into the blights, seeing a brutal scene from many years ago. It turns out Matthew, desperate to save his wife from her disease, made a deal with a very bad person. He ended up slowly going insane, killing many cats for a potion that didn’t end up working. Mina became the center of the blight and the cats as well as Matthew ended up being pushed in that direction as well. As some of you are well aware, I love cats. I had a great red cat for years and after he had to be put down we immediately got a new kitten, who is sleeping behind me as I’m writing this. Reading these scenes was heartbreaking. We also get a bit more insight into Elias’ personality and plans with Chise. Apparently he doesn’t plan to just let her die in a few years and he has a plan. I hope for his sake that it works out. He seems like he’s carrying some scars of his own, and Chise is excellent at spotting them.

Those who kneel to the one who condemned the fruit of paradise as evil are not welcome.

Titania, the queen of all things Fae is introduced and immediately shows that she has no patience for outsiders, sending Simon away. She seems to have a soft spot for Elias though. Her husband on the other hand is more of a force of chaos. Oberon seems to be a weird one, strangely pushy and suspiciously masochistic. (I don’t judge.) They watch as Chise finally  wakes up from her long sleep with a bit of their help. They invite Elias and Chise to come visit them in their realm, but they pass on the offer, knowing they will be stuck there. They then head home to Silky who has food prepared.

The Ancient Magus' Bride 2: Yamazaki Kore, Blakeslee Lys, Pattillo Lissa:
Umbrella ready to go

We then saunter into the last arc of this volume at a leisurely pace. It’s the last chapters already, these volumes fly by. Here Elias and Chise go to visit an old church and the attached graveyard. I recently learned that a graveyard tends to be adjacent to a church whereas a cemetery just means a burial ground, and can be anywhere. Isn’t linguistics fun? Either way, they go to check if a recently spotted black dog at the church is dangerous, and they quickly find out that this is not the case. The dog seems to be just as much of a victim as the nearby deceased woman, both having similar wounds. Then things quickly spiral out of control with Alice showing up, as well as the kid alchemist that was in Chise’s vision of the past, as well as the one who has been threatening Renfred. Alice tells Chise and Elias a little bit more about what is going on with them, but then they get rudely interrupted by said kid who tries to attack Alice but instead hits Chise who jumps in to protect her. They then casually taunt Elias who for the first time in the series is showing some more proper emotions. And they’re not pleasant emotions.

I have to say I once again really enjoyed this volume, the art still being just as beautiful. The subject matter of this volume is a lot darker, which I think the cover art reflects nicely. It shows Elias and Chise hiding from the rain under shadowy thicket. Luckily the back of the volume shows that Silky is already on her way with an umbrella, and I bet Elias can just hide in Chise’s shadow to stay dry. Is that how it would work? Or if the rain hits Chise’s shadow does it also hit Elias? I don’t need sleep, I need answers.

Either way, this cliffhanger has me looking forward to next week’s volume.

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