Chapter Twenty – All cards on the table

“I don’t understand.” Cobal’s mind was racing but he couldn’t understand what he had just heard. “You don’t mean they killed him themselves right? Did he get sent out on a mission he didn’t survive, did he get poisoned or something?”Mana shook her head. “When I was sent to this world, I learned two things. … Continue reading Chapter Twenty – All cards on the table

Chapter Seventeen – Trust Issues

“So these strange symbols are a language in your world? Why would they use completely different symbols?”“That’s just how things developed. It’s quite cool actually, that different people approached written language from such a different angle. We all came to the conclusion that a written language is needed, but how we went about it was … Continue reading Chapter Seventeen – Trust Issues

Chapter Sixteen – Lost and Found

“So the Blueyerd Kingdom included roughly half of this forest?”“Correct.”“And you’re of the royal family of the Blueyerd Kingdom?”“Correct.”“So it would be fairly safe to assume that you know your kingdom?”“Correct.”Cassandra nodded. “So we’ve now established that this is part of your lands and that you should be aware of the things that are going … Continue reading Chapter Sixteen – Lost and Found