Online shopping and saving the planet

I wasn’t sure if I was even going to post something today, so instead of a well thought out post like last Friday’s (which I was very happy with), you get a small rant instead. I’m leaving for the UK in two days, so the rest of this week I don’t know if I’ll be able to post. I’ll try my best though.

The reason I’m going to the UK is because my best friend is getting married! Very exciting stuff if not for my relentless anxiety. Covid regulations, flying to Ireland to then take a bus to Northern-Ireland and everything surrounding this is not helping my mental state. For starters, I didn’t even have nice enough clothes suitable for a wedding. Luckily we have online clothing stores that can deliver you clothes that are on the cheaper end, so you can manage to just pass by. So that’s what I did. And when I went to check-out I noticed a little box. I’d seen that box before I didn’t pay much attention to it. It asked me if I wanted to pay an extra 25 cents to compensate for the CO2 this shipment causes.

Okay, as opposed to what? If I don’t pay 25 cents do you send more CO2 waste into the atmosphere? How about you don’t put the clothes in four different layers of packaging. Or better yet, how about you ship everything in once box, as opposed to three different boxes? It’s a pet peeve of mine that big corporations will always try to pin the issue of Global Warming on the consumer. As if I asked for all my products to have multiple layers of packaging. I don’t mind doing my part to help the environment. I’ve recently started cutting down on meat. I like meat, so I’m not planning to go vegan anytime soon, but I figured I could cut out some meat as a middle a ground. I reuse plastic bags until there’s holes in them. I have refillable water bottles instead of plastic ones. Now I don’t know if all of those have an actual effect or not, but I bet it’s better than me paying 25 cents to some shipping company.

Maybe this is me being cynical, but I think that if a company is really wanting to do better, they should do so themselves as opposed to guilt tripping their consumers into being the ones putting in the real effort. They’re the ones with all the money, are they not?

And that’s really all I have to say about this. It’s a short rant, I’m well aware, but I wanted to upload at least something today. I hope to write the Tensura episode review before I leave, and if not then I’ll put out a tweet. As for Friday, don’t expect a post, I don’t even know what I would write. Thanks for reading and see you all here next week.

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