The Necromancer’s Daughter.

For as long as she could remember, Liari had lived peacefully at the Foxire Library. The library, which is located deep within the Celeran Canopy is owned by an accomplished arcanist. Her peaceful days end when the former crown princess of the Fyrston Empire suddenly appears on their doorstep at the heart of winter. Her kingdom was overthrown by humans and her family was executed. She came to the arcanist for help. The two quickly learn that the old arcanist has passed away, and that there was more to him than they initially thought. 
Now the two must decide if they want to follow in his footsteps and Liari must decide if she wants to become an arcanist herself, as she has the talent for it.
To make things more complicated, Liari isn’t the only one who has shown immense magical talents. Something strange is happening in the world of Karetia, and the death of one of its most powerful arcanists was only just the beginning.

Chapter 1 of the Necromancer’s Daughter is now available to read!

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