Hello everyone, it has been a while!

I’ve been quite busy during November. This was expected, but it was still a bit overwhelming. Regardless, I’ve started getting my shit together slowly, with some outside help, and I am doing a lot better now. This means that I want to get back to more regular, scheduled content on this website.

For now this means that there will be a new post every Monday. Sometimes there will be more, but I will do my best to make sure there is something to read every single Monday, as a nice start to the week. On that note, I did manage to finish a story during November, which I am posting tomorrow (Tuesday December 1st). This story is based on a Dungeons & Dragons character that I played a little while ago, that I have been meaning to expand upon. I will be using this blog to test out characters and stories, and see if people like them, so that I can eventually either discard them or use them in the book I’m currently writing. Tomorrow’s story, which is about a mercenary named Kaylirr, will have a sequel in the near future, so keep that in mind while reading it.

I hope you are all doing well, and are staying safe in these strange times, and that you all enjoy my upcoming stories!


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